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Hello world…

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Services Review

It was my high school teacher who first told me that I should write because I have a way with words. At that time I did not believe her because I have lapses in my grammar but I kept writing in my journal. In college I pursued a course far from writing leaning more into numbers. As it turned out, the number thing wasn’t  my calling, I simply zone out and comes back to reality only after the last digit has vanished from my sight.

So after three years trying to not go in that direction, I finally took up Journalism. I dare say I am not as gifted as my fellow writers are but I fell inlove with doing feature writing. So even when there were more thumbs down with how I write than thumbs up I trudged on. I put my emotions in writing and it became my escape when it seemed the world around me is falling apart.

Hello world, welcome to how my mind is wired and hopefully you get to like what you read. 🙂