The Merlin

Posted: October 7, 2010 in My World in 4D

I find it amazing that such people exist.

In the labyrinth that I call my office, he exists. He has the characteristic of a magician, he uses smokes and mirrors to create confusion, awe and belief of his talent. But these are all just cheap tricks to fool those who do not know him. He uses his glib tongue to cajole the females into swooning and falling under his spell. He smiles and talks in a soft voice that can win women over or so he claims. The dimwitted ones are the easiest prey. They often get hypnotized by empty promises and the more they get drawn, the more he zaps the soul out of them until they are but no more than empty shells.

Then he disappears. You hear the crowd say “ohhhh, ahhh” smoke and then poof, the cage is empty. He just darts in and out as he pleases with no mind if it is a clear violation of SOP because he can, because in his hands like some Voodoo priest he has a voodoo doll in the replica of the powers that be. All cases, like a mirage, seemed to be there but really do not exist.

Sometimes Merlin would sit and watch the world develop around him, the world of porn and SOP. He stays busy, acting very busy as if it is the work that has piled high that keep him riveted. But to the trained eye, under the stage he is just busy with extra-curricular activities while his minions cry out in agony for the tons of work that keep being heaped up on their backs.

He puts on his mask, a forever smiling face that make him look he can do no harm. This however hides a devilish mind, constantly working on how to abuse you and degrade you no end subtly. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he will lure you away from the path and devour you — emotionally, physically, psychologically, mentally.

Sad that Merlin gets to stay in an otherwise tranquil place, that he continues to victimize people, even those who he has yet to cross path with. Those who survived his onslaught steer far away from him because he is breathing, living toxic being that they no longer want to have any relation with. To those poor souls kept in his collection, they pine the day that the gods will take pity on them and release them from their cursed fate. Until then, they will remain his slaves…Ahh, pity.


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