Cafe Reyes

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Food review

We have been a regular of Reyes BBQ for the longest time and tho there are limited items on their menu, it never deterred us from coming back. Their Java rice is the biggest draw and the servings are always just right. So while trying to find a place to eat when we went to Greenhills yesterday and we found Cafe Reyes.

We checked out the menu and they looked really appetizing so we decided to have our lunch there. The prices of the food are quite steep so we were hoping that the servings can very well compensate the price. We ordered Crunchy Dinuguan, Lumpiang Shanghai and Java Rice. The dinuguan arrived and it was really watery, there was less meat than sauce. You have to sift thru the sauce before you can actually get a decent amount of pork, I guess you know what I mean. The Java Rice was tasty and can give Reyes BBQ (I do not know if they have the same owner/founder) a run for their money. The lumpia was nothing special, I can get the same number of lumpia in Jollibee at a lesser price, as in half the price I paid for it. Cafe Reyes was no Gerry’s, it too was no Reyes BBQ.

For P553, the lunch was not fulfilling. I would have had a happy stomach if instead I bought myself a Happy Meal.



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