Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Movie review

This one is worth the wait and it is a great idea to have done it in two parts.

The main actors here, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, have grown up and were no longer awkward prepubescent actors. There was more confidence in how they act and the bond that they have shared throughout the years of filming Harry show in how they interact. But I am getting too far from why this movie is by far the best since it started more than a decade ago.

The PLOT: Finally the last installment of the Harry Potter franchise had managed to be faithful the book. It took us thru the harrowing events of the day as the trio find themselves almost alone while they try to find the remaining Horcruxes. Everyone felt the pain of Hermione as she deliberately erased the memory of her from her home, she trudged alone in their streets — this darkness and loss will be the main theme as those who are close to Harry Potter suffer the wrath of Voldermort. Hedgwick, Dobby, Mad Eye Moody paid for their lives as they try to save Harry. Of course Harry being the pig headed that he is wanted to just have it out with Voldermort until Ron put some in him that it is bigger than just him.

The ACTORS: Suffice it to say but the 13 years of working together made them all very comfortable with each other; also having been in Ron, Harry and Hermione’s skin that long had made Rupert, Daniel and Emma treat the characters as friends. There were no moments there that you wont feel their pain, their sadness, their silliness, their frustration and their love for each other. They already know how each other works and they adjust accordingly. The nude love scene between Harry and Hermione as imbibed by the Horcrux in the locket from Ron showed that the two actors had grown up and how far they have come as actors. There was no tension, no awkwardness in how they kissed and made love. Rupert was dead on as Ron, he was believable in his scenes with Daniel and Emma as he turns crimson red when embarrassed , bungles up his words when Hermione confronts him, staggers in fear and such. Daniel’s stint on stage helped him rid of unnecessary tics, gone were the weird facial expressions. His voice as well has matured and there was a steely resolve when he speaks, truly recreating and imbibing the confused state Harry  was in. Emma was just perfect as Hermione from the beginning. Enough said.

The CINEMATOGRAPHY: From the chase scenes in the forest, to the Ministry of Magic building even to the house of Xenophilius Lovegood, the cinematography was seamless. The lighting created the right mood for each scene. A perfect example was when the trio was being chased in the forest, the play of light and dark as they move in and out of the trees made that scene exhilarating. Also the ashen gray backdrop when Harry and Hermione went to Godric’s Hollow to find Bathilda Bagshot had made the place looked ominous  and made the predicament of the two more pronounced. The sudden appearance of the basilisk would have been better and mind numbing if it was in 3D, as it was the attack of the fang baring snake already elicited nervous laughter.

All in all, Harry Potter’s director made the book a reality and given us such a joyride albeit for only 2 hours.


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