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In all the grand scheme of things, my 32 square ft unit would have had its transformation of a lifetime from top to bottom. I have envisioned marbled tiles, plush curtain boxes, pinlights near the headrest of the bed and a walk in closet. At the corner the computer table will be there, a divan right smack in the center of the room, an LCD screen complete with home theater system, two electric fans and paintings or photos on the wall. The walls are painted in earth colors, maybe a lighter shade of brown or pastel in pale yellow on one part of the unit and another part in a completely different hue. The kitchen area will have a bigger working space and a deeper sink with movable faucets. It will have a new overhead exhaust and oven, along with nonstick frying pans for a really healthy cooking. Then the cabinet would be transformed to a rack of shelves containing the condiments and other cooking utensils. The plates will have a Japanese theme to it since I aspire to have a zen like unit.

But reality bites, I can only afford to renovate one part of the house at a time. So I chose to make over the CR because the tiles are very dirty and cracked, the walls have fungi creeping all over the sides and there are squirmy little maggot like everyday I use that room. It has gotten to be so disconcerting that it lost the “comfort” part and just became a place where you just bathe and poop. Months have gone by and finally last two weeks of December we finalized the look, the tiles were handpicked, the shower head bought and everything else needed to give our CR a new look were purchased. The first two days, the whole unit was just a mess and even messier inside the CR. I just kept thinking, once the tiles are up, the paint done, the shower and towel rack mounted, I know my sleepless days and sad, empty wallet, will lead to a big happy smile.

Of course it took longer and more expensive than originally planned. The toilet for one thing is supposed to be wall mounted not floor mounted. That ate up most of the budget. Not to mention that one week led to another week of construction as the rather slow carpenters spent an entire day just doing a portion of a rather small comfort room. My frustration over the mounting dirt, sleepless mornings (since my shift is at night), increasing food expenses (I feed them merienda, thought being nice would mean a more efficient and faster way to work) and harder way to take a bath or poop, made me grumpier on the contractor. The workers said they would finish by Monday, by that day the tiles were not even placed yet. Then the last day, when they were supposed to just put up the lamp fixture, they gave a lame excuse that they were not told that was included. I think smoke came out of my nose that afternoon, as I should be sleeping yet I spent arguing with them about having that freaking electrician come and finish it off. No more extra day for just one bit of item. After much screaming and hysterics, the electrician came and put up the lamp…and then it was finally done.

And yes, it was such a beautiful day when one finds comfort in one’s own comfort room.



Posted: December 18, 2010 in My World in 4D

After Tl Archie left the company for greener pastures, I have had the pleasure of learning and being part of a wonderful team. Sony DI Firewire was my first baby and it will remain to be a big part of my life. For some reason I kept thinking about it especially during the past few months, how much this group is missed. Marianne and Bevz, Bevz and the boys, the boys and Marianne, the teasings and the fun times. I was the only one doing the bickering, Cholo was well in tuned with his team mates that there was no bad blood and the coachings were treated with gravity. Most of have gone from the company, our separate ways make getting together harder but all the more precious.

I miss them all. I miss Marianne and her small mirror and pink jacket. I miss Bevz and her outrageous outfit along with her undying search for her foreign prince charming (which she found). I miss Drew and his forlorn face. I miss Johnny and his weird excuses to be absent. I miss Jack Jack and her craziness. I miss Cholo who just do and not question then excel. I miss JP for his buyoy way. I miss Aby because she was our baby. I miss Mac Paul who provided such color and life with his smile, along with his positive personality. I miss Noche because she is a sweet, sweet person. I miss Monde who just performs because he is that arrogant. I miss Alexxx whose loyalty was to the team and me. I miss my old boy Tonio who did not defy but just accept. I miss Sy and her shy smile. I miss Albert whose grammar and speech may not be exemplary but quite a team player. I miss this team a lot and I cannot have them back because reality check, people do move on like I should.