Friend or foe?

Posted: January 17, 2011 in My World in 4D

Last week my integrity was again questioned by the same people who questioned it before. I was not guilty before as I am right now. But what was sad about this one was he was supposed to be my friend. He did not ask me, he did not tell me and he accused me of cheating. I have not been unfair to him, I have always been transparent to him and after a year he still treated me like an outsider and a stranger.

It all started when I sent my agents a set of questions which I filtered from the possible questions sent by my boss. The same person who viewed my agents’ PCs before viewed my agents PC again. I never know what her real motive is, but I never liked her nor trusted her so when she did this for the second time it proved to me she was never to be trusted nor will she ever be a friend. She will remain as one of those people in the office I will only be civil with.  She brought this to the attention of our supervisor and then boss, and he happened again to be there to see it. She was told that the questions were changed so left it at that, until the results came out and then all hell broke loose.

During the confrontation, he said I should be given a sanction for leaking the questions and akin it to a nursing board exam. It all came from him who was given the actual questions for the supervisory position we were all vying for. I pointed that to him, of course he did not acknowledge. He was more bent on thinking I had one on them, that I had given my agents an unfair advantage. He was so heated up with the fact that he was accused of adding fuel to the fire when he himself, who I happen to consider a friend, just pointed an accusatory finger at me and called me a cheater. Yes he did have the nerve to call me names that day when he was feeling bad that someone called him names. Funny right that he was doing the very same thing. No, I did not lash out the same way he lashed out on the person who called him names. I was very professional and asked him if we were okay. I did not also lash out on those agents he had talked to about me being unfair, about me supposedly cheating. I did not lash out that day not even today just because I know I did no wrong, even if we do this all over again I would do the same thing. I would still coach my agents the best way I can. I am proud that 2 of them made it. I had been able to promote people under me since I began in this company.

What I am though is sad, sad that I even called him friend. Sad that I believed in him, that I trusted him to be fair and nonjudgmental. I kept his secrets, supported his angst and he does this. So much for trust. Now I know better, he is not a friend and I cannot trust him to be one ever. As for her, if there is a third time that she tries to tarnish my integrity ever again, I will just wallop her hard. That one she wont forget and that is a promise.


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