The battle of the bulges

Posted: February 6, 2011 in My World in 4D

Honestly ever since I was thin reed, I never considered myself as thin. I always had the thunder thighs, excess flab on my tummy and ginormous arms. For me I never was thin even when the scale shows I am. At 96 pounds way back in college I felt huge still until I started working and the thin me became super huge. Gone were the size 25 jeans and my thunder thighs, arms and tummy became so prominent even the tent dress I used to wore did not hide them well. The only time this became more pronounced was when I was sitting on the sand in a beach somewhere in Davao and a picture was taken. Round as a ball, so very, very round that I only need to be tipped over and I will roll till the ends of the earth. Of course I exaggerate but from then on I told myself I will lose the weight I put on.

I tried Bangkok pills, Slimmers World, Belo diet pills, the Tomato soup diet and whatever is the fad that time. Until I discovered Breathe Thin. I lost 35 pounds in one month and I was thin. I did not develop any abs or muscles but I became thin and I remained as such until, well four years ago when I became part of the outsourcing industry and my body clock had to adjust to a different time frame. The procrastinator that I am put off exercising until I am nearly back to the rounded shape I was before. I am now 135 lbs heavy and the bulging belly is back with a vengeance. I could no longer fit in the clothes I used to wear and now even the new ones I just bought seemed to be smaller. Now it is not because I am big that I want to be small, but my ill proportioned body does not allow me to look good on clothes that are supposed to fit me. If the jeans can fit all the way to my hips then it is either too big for my waist or too tight on my thighs. So I need to lose the weight so I can wear the clothes I want to wear.

Start of the year, I pulled myself together and made an agenda for myself and a target weight loss per week. I had gotten in touch as well with a good friend from high school, Lani, who agreed that we will be virtual diet buddies. There were no rice nor sweets allowed in my rather restricted diet. It was full on vegetables, fruits and some chicken regimen. Despite the big toll on my limited budget I swore to myself that in the long run, this will help me save more since I need not buy from the fast foods anymore. I wanted to focus on my diet and limit my trips outside the office. So that would entail a lot of discipline and a smart schedule for me to pull off the exercise routine and the food regimen. But there are hurdles along the way, apart from my procrastination and quick to alibi personality, my brother stays home (meaning I have to put off working out and making sure he has food), my work asked for more time (meaning I stay in the office till after 9am or I bring home the work) and my mom was here (meaning I will be awake most of the time because she makes a lot of noise and I am a light sleeper, I need to accompany her somewhere or I have to wait up for her). During the entire course of my month long battle with the bulge, I lose on technicality. My mind tells me I must but my body is too exhausted to even exert an effort.

Now this coming week, week 2 of February that is I must go on back the saddle and try to be a good student of Tony. I will work the work and eat the right way. Funny thing is I do not eat a lot at all, yet my metabolism does not go as fast as I hope. Either my metabolism is dead or it needs to be restarted just so my body would remember what it actually does. I do hope that before my birthday or even before the official day of summer starts I have lost at least 10 pounds. I know I have set my mind on a 1 pound a week loss, still I can always do better and hit 1.5. Maybe, I can finally look better in a pair of jeans without the worry of having a camel’s toe peeping thru. I did promise myself a trench coat and a good pair of boots as prize. 🙂

So let the battle of the bulge begin anew! Here is to my victory!!!

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