When you just want to scratch his eyes out but do not…a mature way of fighting back

Posted: February 8, 2011 in My World in 4D
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Honestly I am tired of trying to understand why you think you are up one on me when you are basically a nobody. I tried to explain my side but you gave me the holier than thou snub. It is not as if we are even friends that you think I am trying to make peace with you. It is not as if you give me money to live on. It was because I wanted to educate you foolish one how utterly wrong you are in believing in your wishy-washy leader that I lack integrity.

I am by nature unsociable but it does not mean that my integrity had to be questioned by one so ordinary. We are not even equal in my eyes. But I was raised right by my parents. I never look down on people except when they deserve it, like you do now. I extended my hand of friendship and yet you look as if I stung you. I do not even have to honor you with an explanation because there was really nothing to explain. But you continue to black ball me and use your position to pick on my team. Though I can retaliate so easily I chose not to. Though I can lash out with sarcasm, I chose to keep it under wraps. I kept my cool because I know that your stubbornness stems from stupidity, that your ego had been pumped high up by lies.

Today was the last time I will ever attempt again to humble myself on someone who is not even worth my time of day.


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