Mentally losing the battle of bulges

Posted: February 15, 2011 in My World in 4D
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I am such a procrastinator, I have yet to lose an iota of a pound. Fine I have been just eating sandwiches in the office and have limited my chocolate/sweets intake. But I have not been able to keep my date with Tony Horton. I have not been able to just do the work. There was always this lame ass excuse that after waking up I will do it. Except I do not. Instead I put it off for the next day and then the next day just become another day until an entire week has gone by with me doing no exercises. ~Sigh.

I envy those who can just work out and get high just working out. So envious of the discipline that they have to either hit the gym or put on their running shoes to sweat out the calories. Instead I procrastinate and just try to squeeze my thunder thighs and ginormous tush in a tight slacks. I frown at the various levels of flab that gather on top of the waist band of the pants. I hate looking so enormous like some round ball fitted inside a tube of paste with all the seams loosening. Yet despite my hatred for getting bigger, I cannot for the life of me find the strength to just work out. I say I am tired or too sleepy. Since last week, my new excuse has been I am sick <wheeze> <hacking cough> although it really is not as bad as it sound.

So I trudge the road of procrastination once again, if I do not get the energy to lose weight then I have to just accept my flab in all its cottage cheese look glory (or better yet gory). Of course this does not mean I wave the white flag of surrender. I have once lost 35 pounds in two weeks and I will do so again, this time double the time I invested in losing weight way back when. I resolve to determine the root cause of this animosity with performing the routines, once I do maybe I can finally win one over the undisputed triumph of the bulge since 2005.



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