My life is the greener pasture on their side of the fence

Posted: February 24, 2011 in My World in 4D
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In my 36 years of existence, you may say I have been through a lot. There was the time when my supposedly aunt made life so miserable for us that it divided our relatives apart. It was something like one of the telenovelas on the boobtube. She would only prepare sardines for meal times so I would not eat  or fill the washing machine with clothes so I would have to hand wash our clothes. She would tell other people that my former boyfriend duped me into giving him all my money. She would tell lies about how unhelpful I was with the finances, that I hide foods from her and her children. She even brought me and mom apart, but my mom saw through her eventually. Lucky enough at that time, I found thru Friendster my new home.

Then my former boyfriend brought havoc to my professional life after I got him a job. He told everyone how vindictive I am because I always tried to ruin his career growth. It was the longest debacle ever because we stayed in our respective jobs. It took two years almost before people started to see that I was the victim and he was the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Things began to spiral down for him while things began to look brighter for me.  But because he felt still I was the one causing him to lose one opportunity after the other, it was always surreal when he and I share the same breathing space. of course there are no more dark looks or deathly sparks that pass between us, just an unwanted presence that can be easily swatted away.

So when I went out with my former HS classmates now long time friends, I just learned that the green pasture I so longingly hope for was the one I am still on. The stories about my other classmates were sad. One already got a divorce from one guy and then had a baby with another guy who she did not end up with. She also inherited the responsibility of looking after her cousins because they were dumped on her. Another who despite being the same age as me do not live her own life. She is being dictated on by her parents, she had to give up her life and dreams when she was young and till now she is being looked down on the moment she says she wants to sing. Then there is another one who lives out of her means and lives off her someone else’s money while raising four children. The last story I heard was the most heartbreaking because she never got out of the rut, she comes out of one problem to just get stuck in another problem. Her situation gets worse and worse and now she does not know how to get out of it. Hearing them makes me feel very lucky and grateful, though there are some things I do not mind having,  my life compared to theirs is a wonderful one.

Yes we do tend to think that someone else’s life is better because we live our lives and we do not like it sometimes or think that nothing has become of all our hard work . Until we are shown the truth about those we thought were doing great and then we come to accept that the life we have is alright. We just need to work hard to making it a lot less complicated and serene by learning from past mistakes and moving forward. ;P


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