The flan discovery

There was one Friday night, way into Saturday morning that I discovered the most delectable, melt in your mouth custard cake in one of the kiosk at Banchetto.  Unfortunately our love affair lasted but only two Fridays and this delightful find was no more. So I sought in most bakeshop and even the kiosks that appeared every Friday if they have this but no custard can be had. Until my search led me to try Red Ribbon’s leche flan roll. They were advertising it as a soft, moist white chiffon with creamy leche flan filling topped with melt-in-your mouth leche flan icing and caramel syrup.  Since I am not really a Red Ribbon fan, I was somewhat dubious about this but my craving for custard cake egged me to buy half a roll. Man was I glad that I gave in because the cake lived up to its promise. Not only was it soft and moist, the roll in itself was not sweet and the icing was just as delectable. I cannot seem to get enough, I had another slice and even finished even the icing. It was a notch up for Red Ribbon in my books.

To flaxseed or not to flaxseed

Usually when we buy SkyFlakes we buy the regular one but look for the ones that look burnt at the bottom because for me and my bro, the burnt part give these saltine crackers some character. Anyhow, when we went on a diet (or on a somewhat diet) we began to buy the SkyFlakes Fit-Oat Fiber but ignored the other one. But by mistake while doing our groceries, we took the SkyFlakes Fit – Flaxseed.  Since we bought it, we thought what the heck just eat it. This tasted like pizza except that it was a cracker. My brother tried it with peanut butter since this always tasted good with SkyFlakes but the two did not jibe. One time I tried putting some cream cheese and soon enough I have the cheapest but scrumptious treat ever.

New York Fries anyone?

New York fries are not cheap mind you but I can forgo having that and get a McDonald’s fries instead, lesser the price but only has salt as dip or ketchup. But if you are after the dip especially if you are after the herbal spicy taste of a dip, instead of finding the nearest New York fries kiosk, try a cheaper alternative – Wendy’s fries and a side order of a ranch dressing. You wont go wrong with this, I promise.

J’adore Tuna Salad Croissant

If you have not tried it yet, one of the best if not the best tuna salad concoction that does not overwhelm you with too much mayo or turn you off with a fishy smell is the Dunkin Donut tuna salad croissant. It is very simple in its presentation because the cold tuna salad just gets sandwiched inside a croissant that you will be left thinking if it is even worth buying, especially now DD increased its price from P50 to P64? Yes, the croissant is soft in the inside and crunchy on the outside while the tuna salad mixture has just the right zest, mayo, salt and a hint of sugar. The tuna is cooked well that it does not give off a fishy odor. When you take a bite, the combination of the salty softness of the croissant doubled with the sweet tangy sour taste of the mayo makes the experience worth savoring. You just want to take one bite after another. Trinoma branch unfortunately phased out this product maybe because not all of their patrons have tried this mouthwatering sandwich and thus no takers.

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