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May the bitch be with you…

Posted: March 18, 2011 in My World in 4D

According to the Urban Dictionary, the noun form of the word bitch means offensive , slang a malicious, spiteful, or coarse woman. Bitch taking the form of a verb means to behave (towards) in a spiteful or malicious manner. Technically and to be quite truthful about it being a bitch or even bitching is not a positive trait. Yet I wear it with pride because I may be the hardest person to please and pick fights even if it is the minutest thing, still when I do I know it is just because my right or my loved ones’ right has somehow, someway been trashed then better not be there to face my wrath. And yes, there are a lot that get my goat…

People who cut in line

I simply do not understand why some people just do not know how to line up or learn to wait in line like normal, thinking human beings. Admit it, it galls you to find someone all of a sudden cuts the line in front of you. The type who would have this puzzled look on their faces and express “Oops sorry I did not know there is a line.” Like hell you don’t notice the murderous looks of the people behind you  or the steaming hot breath on your nape. Either that or you just think that slithering your way at the front of the line is unobtrusive and the people who suddenly found themselves behind you unwittingly can find it in their hearts to just give in. After all, it is just one spot what harm can it do? Unless you value your life, you would think twice about remaining ignorant of the hard jabs being given your back. Go back to the end of the line and wait your freaking turn. Lines were not created just so people who feel like cutting in can just do so at their whim. Also being angrier than the ones who are telling you to go at the back and line up does not work with me. Acting mighty offended can only get you violently roughed up. If you are affronted when someone tells you to line up does not give you license to ignore those who were there earlier. If it was a free for all, then the one who grabs the handle first gets to ride, but if there is a line respect the line.

Usurper of my personal bubble

Don’t you just hate fidgety people inside a jeepney or FX? Like they are forever searching in their bag of wonders. The moment they sit beside you they are already busy trying to either look for something or fixing their bags. To make this worse, their elbows go as far as where your eye socket is, just about ready to give you a shiner. Even when you scoot over and make yourself as little as possible, just to preserve what little space there is between the two of you, this type of people would still find a way to annoy you with their elbows and security guard like bag search.

The ingrates

Admittedly not everyone know how to say three special words: Thank You, Excuse Me and Am Sorry. When you ride a jeep, it is not the obligation of the person nearest the driver to get your fare and pass it on. So to get my attention by poking me will get you a murderous stare. I go near the driver to pay my fare so as not to intrude on someone else to pass it on. If I am inside a crowded jeep and just happened to be seated far from the driver I ask nicely and say thank you afterward once someone reaches to get my fare. So go be Mr. or Ms. Stretchy for all I care, I wont pass on that fare unless you say the magic words. Poking does not apply in the niceties.

Inside a bus on the other hand, it is not a guy’s obligation to give up his seat for you. No matter the drama that plays up on your face because you want that guy to give in should merit a seat. That just puts back women lib right back in the era where it was not existing yet. The seats in the bus are free for all, if it gets too full use your hands to hold on to something while juggling the number of groceries/stash you brought along and plant your feet strategically so as not to lose your balance. Do not use your pity face or your advanced age to get a guy’s seat. If someone does stand up to give you a seat, acknowledge the gesture. It is very seldom now for a gentleman to stand up and free up his seat. Then again, if you are a guy and the seat is being given up for a woman do not rush to the seat and sit comfortably, that is just rude. Now here, you may give this idiot a stare down…

At the same time, saying Thank You and Welcome after the fact are just the nicest thing. Never impose on someone else or expect just because of gender and position people now owe you something. They don’t.

Moving on, a lot of people just elbow their way in thru a crowd or tap in front of the window. The words Excuse Me somehow ceased to exist and it is just sad people’s manners have worsened overtime. I say the words out loud when inside a grocery while taking my pick on the items I wish to buy, some woman would just nudge me out or bump her cart onto me to get an item. To think I am not even on the way, the least that this person could have done was say “Excuse me.” She thus merited a look of utter contempt on my face, she did respond with a bewildered look. Hello, did you not see me? Is there a contest here for the fastest shitty woman alive who can knock people off to get her way?

Really people, manners!

And since you already mauled someone the very least is say Sorry. No, not sorry that you have a terrible personality but sorry that someone was in the way. Of course, you should say Sorry because you happened to step on someone’s foot, or you happen to bump someone out of the ledge and that person got run over by the passing bus, or you just happen to mangled someone unintentionally save your self the attorney’s fees and just apologize. Just no batting of Bambi eyelashes, that simply wont work. Say the words and mean it.

Door etiquette

To the uninitiated this means that the person/people inside the elevator goes out first before anyone can get in. The same rule follows in terms of unloading from the bus or jeep. Logical thinking would allow a person to see a faster access when you get in an emptied bus/jeep/elevator. Besides why would the people waiting to go down/out stay inside? If you push the back in, the tendency is for them to push back out because they needed to get out. This useless exercise can be avoided if most people use their noggin and allow the people inside passage out before crowding in. Adding to this you are not a four year old so punching all buttons is not cute, it never is.

Pedestrian crossing/sidewalks are for pedestrians

Only here in the Philippines where you get honked at when you cross at a pedestrian lane, if there is no traffic light or overpass to cross the pedestrian lane is the place walking people aka pedestrians cross to get to the other side. Mind you the humps on the road are not there so that you foolish drivers can rev up your motor and accelerate to mow down someone crossing the street. So allow them to cross especially if there is a bumper to bumper traffic, do not close the gap between you and the next car just because you do not want someone to get thru. This is a person trying to cross the street, this is not another vehicle trying to get in your space, ok moron? There is a difference.

The same with you motorcycle drivers, the sidewalk was not made so you can cut across traffic and honking you horns for people to get out of the way is such an idiotic stunt. For one thing where will these people go, down the streets where vehicles can run them over? Stupid thought indeed but there are a lot of motorcycle riders who use the sidewalk not only as their means to get out of traffic but also their own private parking slot. Really? That is why I really think that motorcycles should be banned from ever being sold or used in the main thoroughfare.

And if vehicles are not supposed to park on sidewalks so too should people not walk hand in hand or together like a group of gangling teen agers. This is just rude to those who are in a hurry to get somewhere. Stop hogging the sidewalk, it aint nice that you move ever so slowly and block the others behind you. if you do so then you very well deserve the kicks and punch being sent at you from behind.


During my second year in high school while having our Filipino class, the earth shook. I thought, rather me and my classmates thought nothing of it until the very building that we were on began to shake non stop and the window glass broke in pieces. My teacher was frozen in place and had it not been for the presence of mind of our class president, she could have gotten badly hurt. When we went down scared out of our wits and worried for our family, we saw that the side we were on was no longer attached to the main building while the pillars were nearly gone. That was one of the worst scare of my life.

This was followed November of 2007 when Infanta had a flash flood and we could not get in touch with my mom. I heard grim stories that the entire town was engulfed in water and reached rooftops. Knowing that our house was a one storey and mama was alone with her elderly parents, I was terrified for her. I was just crying uncontrollably.

So as I watched the earthquake that shook Japan and the tsunami that followed in its path, I could not help but cry. I am scared of Mother’s Nature wrath because no one can predict her mood swings, for her no one is rich or poor. Everyone in her path just gets dealt with in a violent way and it terrifies the hell out of me. While watching NatGeo one time to witness the death of all humankind come 12/21/2012 the narrator summed up my fervent wish, that my loved ones are beside me. I am scared, not because I do not want to die but I do not want to hurt too much when it is my time  and leave anyone behind who will suffer too much as well…

The event that happened in Japan is not an eye opener to a lot of people, those who still defile Mother Earth refuse to acknowledge that by abusing her, she can annihilate all of us in an instant. If only they would finally listen…maybe somehow one day we can live without fear of being swallowed alive by the earth.