Earth shaking scare

Posted: March 13, 2011 in My World in 4D
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During my second year in high school while having our Filipino class, the earth shook. I thought, rather me and my classmates thought nothing of it until the very building that we were on began to shake non stop and the window glass broke in pieces. My teacher was frozen in place and had it not been for the presence of mind of our class president, she could have gotten badly hurt. When we went down scared out of our wits and worried for our family, we saw that the side we were on was no longer attached to the main building while the pillars were nearly gone. That was one of the worst scare of my life.

This was followed November of 2007 when Infanta had a flash flood and we could not get in touch with my mom. I heard grim stories that the entire town was engulfed in water and reached rooftops. Knowing that our house was a one storey and mama was alone with her elderly parents, I was terrified for her. I was just crying uncontrollably.

So as I watched the earthquake that shook Japan and the tsunami that followed in its path, I could not help but cry. I am scared of Mother’s Nature wrath because no one can predict her mood swings, for her no one is rich or poor. Everyone in her path just gets dealt with in a violent way and it terrifies the hell out of me. While watching NatGeo one time to witness the death of all humankind come 12/21/2012 the narrator summed up my fervent wish, that my loved ones are beside me. I am scared, not because I do not want to die but I do not want to hurt too much when it is my time  and leave anyone behind who will suffer too much as well…

The event that happened in Japan is not an eye opener to a lot of people, those who still defile Mother Earth refuse to acknowledge that by abusing her, she can annihilate all of us in an instant. If only they would finally listen…maybe somehow one day we can live without fear of being swallowed alive by the earth.


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