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Dear mom…

Posted: May 22, 2011 in My World in 4D

Hi Mom,

I am here at work contemplating on how to make your day special. Funny how it should take only a day to tell you that you are doing a good job, well in more ways than one, you are doing such a swell job. For one thing, this being a mom to two volatile children is never easy. You have to put up with most of our shits. You fought alongside us when we need you the most. You cried for us when we go through life’s hurdles. You make us laugh during awkward moments. You beam with so much pride when we accomplish something and never waver in your faith in our abilities. You never let us down when everybody else has given up on us. You always know when we need you most. You forgive us even when we often upset you. Guess you really ought to be made of sterner stuff to have gone through what you have gone through all these years…

Well, fate has not been kind to you. Dad died when I was just 17 and bro was still a toddler. But even if faced with so much uncertainty and loss of a partner, you took on his load and became both a father and a mother to us without any qualms. It was a tedious time for you physically, mentally and emotionally. I prayed to God then to give you the strength to get by.

Maybe He heard that since there is this quiet strength which you never seem to run out of. How can one forget the time that there was a flash flood in Infanta and the only road leading out of it was completely sealed off? I was so scared mom, I did not hear anything from your end for a day and we were so worried sick especially since we heard the entire town was engulfed in water. You braved the rough sea waters via a motorized rubber boat to get to Lucena because there was no food available and Lola was getting sicker. You used your resources to find means to bring food back. If I was proud of you before, I was prouder of you that time. You overcame your fear just to make sure your loved ones do not starve. You never ceased to surprise me. No matter what fate throws at you, you are not fazed.

I am sure mom having to be that invincible can take its toll. So pass on the bulk of your burden on me now. I know I can carry it for you because you have taught me well. Thru your patience with people, I learned fortitude. Thru your determination despite the challenges, I remained hopeful. Thru your mother’s instinct in just knowing, I became empathetic. Thru your good judgment, I developed prudence. Thru your pain, I discovered compassion. Thru your imperfections, I developed perfection. And thru your unconditional love, I am at my happiest.

Happy Mother’s Day to a one of a kind mom! I love you so, so much.

Your unica hija,



→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog September 26, 2009

The rain was never ending, the streets were already flooded and most of the flights to some parts of the Philippines got cancelled. We waited for more than 5 hours before we finally had a chance to board the plane. Of course there were a lot of could haves and should haves that we didn’t foresee. Like not bringing food to the plane because charging for a Nova chips bag for P50 is extortion. Also the three hour flight proved to be boring that even while trying to sleep we felt bored, staying awake we felt bored. There were no food and we had to contend with our growling tummy till we reached Singapore.

We took lots of photos to document our first time out of the country. Lo and behold when we landed, I got approached by the airport personnel at the tarmac saying incoherently “delete, no pictures.” Of course frightened and shocked out of my wits by the bombardment of Singlish, I deleted the tarmac shot. Hello, WTF! Anyhoo, it wont be my last time to be shouted at because while on board the bus going to the city proper, my mom nagged me to ask for the nth time the driver if we are near so I asked and the guy shouted (I later learned that they are not friendly nor are they accommodating, they are very aloof, unhappy people) at me to just wait for him to tell me if we were there. Good thing for maps and my brother’s navigational skills because the people that we asked for help turned out to be very unaccommodating, they just don’t know or they didn’t understand our questions, there was a definite language barrier. Imagine Kimmy trying to talk to Dora but in slow mo. Of course this is an exaggeration but then it was hard to comprehend thru the thick accent. We were often misunderstood.

Our dinner mainly consisted of a chicken turn over in 7-11 and fruits and corn cob for my bro and mom. Need I say that we are not an adventurous lot when it comes to food? This already explains enough. But despite this Kopitiam was our main source of breakfast, the coffee was really good. At S$2.50 we had a toast, two eggs, hams and coffee which was very filling. 7-11 was still the main source of chicha and water. Sunday morning we ventured out and saw one luxury car after another. There were jaguars, Porsche, Benz, BMWs…drooling moment. Then there were buildings too of really luxurious items like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Rolex and the like. The streets were litter-rodent-beggar-smoke-traffic free. There were a number of drool worthy luxury cars. Big malls that only has name brands like Hermes, Zara, Louis Vuitton. 7-11, money changers and tailor shops lined up the streets. So all day we explored Orchard Road, visited the Singapore Visitors Center to get some info on how to go around the city, went in the malls and bought some trinkets at 3 for S$10 each as pasalubong. But they were really too costly for comfort and my budget will not allow me to even splurge on myself. Could do that maybe here in Manila.

Late that night, we spent it at the Night Safari which was very uneventful. The animals were sleeping or the place where they were at were too dark. Monday we went to look for the Botanic Garden, got lost because we couldn’t find the bus stop of the bus going there and by the end of the day was just too tired. Sentosa was ok, not as beautiful as what was claimed but well it was certainly such a sight. Singapore’s landscape truly is remarkable.

I found it amazing that stores were nearly empty, some food courts were not even filled up. I also found myself in awe on how efficient their transportation system is, the SMRT can get you anywhere. If not that, then a numbered bus can get you where you want to go. Taxis are far too expensive so we had that only when we had to go back and meet up Kaye, Sasha and Roger at the Lucky Plaza. I found it also weird when there were no repair shops nearby nor gasoline stations. Children are not running around nor were there teens, old people are also scarce save for the bus boy and girl in McDo. Singapore in itself looked like Makati and Fort, just cleaner and with nicer cars.  I know I can live there. But even if I enjoyed the time we stayed there, I terribly missed Manila on just the second day. Tho Singapore felt familiar, it wasn’t home. Still I would come back to Singapore just to experience again the litter free streets, see the luxury cars that ply every where and to get to visit not only Mustafa for the almonds but also to check out Universal Studios which at the time we visited was still under construction. 🙂

→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog June 13, 2008 always-bitchingrachel

You really cant tell people what to do and what not to do. Basically in order for yo not to be irritated at all by the things they do or not do, you just basically stay away from most of them. But social interaction is one thing that you cannot help but have. At one point or another, you just have to have one because it is necessary.

One sad truth though that we all must learn how to deal about social interaction is the culture of gossip. How then can life be more interesting, why the hell not just talk about other people and gently weave into that hurtful remarks, biases and own interpretation.

Just take for example my life in the office. I started working there and I was part of a couple. After just one month on the floor, we split up. I have been there two years and still the rumor mongers cant help but nitpick or get me riled up enough to say something that would satisfy their lust for garbage, skeletons in my closet and such. But then I got to learn how to fend off…ignore them and be totally unaffected (well unless of course if it right in your face that requires you to actually act or step back).  Of course the gossipy people that they are would still ask and with my nonchalance I was christened Bitter. Well, who the hell cares about what they interpret my cold shoulder to him and to them? I know that I am way past being bitter. Bitter actually is old news. I admit I was before but after a while it just stops feeling like that, the feeling has simply ceased to exist.

This of course takes practice so my heart went out for my poor baby Seal who is the topic of a major pow wow due to her very eye candy Relationship. People, I thought before, are born good but as they grow old they just become nasty. Simple comments like why her and he deserved someone better looking are just what broke the already flimsy poise baby Seal has. She cried and I felt her pain. They have hurt her, they have hurt them. Sigh. If only people would know when to shut their trap and just remain sensitive to others feelings. But that is wishing too much. Not even the Universe can be that proactive.

Another one is when someone entrusts you with a secret, it should remain as such. A promise they say is meant to be broken but should it be broken all the damn time? Gossip is a funny thing, it makes people feel antsy. Giddy to the point of sanity, when there’s gossip some people have the urge to tell. Like “must tell, must tell or I’d go nuts if I don’t!” (complete with face clawing, hair pulling actions). Gossip regardless of who gets hurt offers such a delectable treat. So it is a bit of a let down that the “don’t-say-anything-pact” has been breached and itchy tongues, burning ears went on overdrive. This time though, not only was my baby Meow one of the casualties, I along with the others who should have gone down with heads held up high feel that they look at us with pity. And this is because someone told someone who told someone needlessly. Telling did not make our burden lighter, it doubled the weight over our shoulders.

→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog April 2010

We started with 25 agents July 24, 2006. Two teams – Peter Corazo’s and Archiekins. The other team was composed mainly of techie men but we managed to up one on them each time. Jill had the matrix thing, Wheng kept running around, Heidie put on her game face, John charmed the female callers with his Brit accent, Aya had the first commendation, Poi had the best chisms, Rommel was a walking KANA, Ivy was her usual quiet self, Mitch was meek and soft spoken with the twinkle in her eyes… then Wave 2 came along and picked a fight with us, Tl Al was then new along with QA Mina but the fight became such a big issue that then OM Laurice had to intervene. For a while we just snickered and stayed out of their claws. The chism even took a turn for the worse that we celebrate each time that they get a bad call. Anak ni Baleleng and Baleleng themselves were notorious for hitting on the Wave 1 men even if they look far from attractive. Tl Archie and Peter resigned and when Wave 3 became part of the family, I was already an ad hoc team lead for Peter’s team. Other wave came and went. Tl Ren became part of Sony DI. Gem was under Tl Ren, Von under Tl Al. As the DI family grew, Gem and Von became ad hoc team leaders and I got promoted. Alexxx became an ad hoc QA and soon enough my other baby, Monde became an ad hoc trainer.

Email account and then Universal Remote was born. Soon enough Sales and Accessories later known as SOPAS and VAIO came to the fold.  Tl Al became the split’s team lead. OM Laurice gave way to now OM Robs and finally to OM Shane for PA, DI and UR while OM Jake handled SOPAS and VAIO. Cris San Agustin was then our deputy site director. Then as the days go on, the agents and the people both from BSG and Ops  slowly moved away to other sites and company.

A month ago, we were told that Sony is pulling out its account from the company and there were agents identified to move. While keeping the dissolution quiet, my babies were slowly dwindling – Jackie to Philips, Abby, Johnny, Mocsy, Gertie, Drazen and Des to Parlance Libertad while Albert to UR first then Parlance Libertad. 14 agents were left – the 14 strong ones who stayed with me and Gemma till the end – Daki Abenojar, Marwin Bacoto, SME Anthony Briones, Marianne Brozo, Mac Paul Casirayan, Marvin Cruz, Katherin De Asis, Catherine España, Neil Honsayco, John Paul Losin, Raymond Montilla, Rolando Nagtalon, Cathrina Noche and Jayson Perdigon.

Last week, Cat, Mac Paul, JP, Marianne and Neil became part of SOPAS. We were left with 9. Still the team showed resilience, no one was NCNS. They stood firm with us.

Yesterday, some went to Muchos and ate and sang together. A bit of crying with our OM, OS and trainer but we know this will not be the last time we will be there for each other.

The account may have been taken, but our pride and the best we can ever be will stay with us. We have chosen to face the challenge and keep our integrity intact, that is what matters most along with the friendship that has been forged.

→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog April 2010

My birthday is just three days away but this weekend I already celebrated it with the loves of my life. One with my family at Jack’s Loft where the food was so so but the drink was of gigantic proportion. The first plan was to eat at this restaurant my mom was raving about, San Jacinto, along Quezon Avenue but the place was closed at night. We tried to go to Klownz but the ones who have a show that night did not ring any bells of recognition, so we opted to go back to Trinoma. There was no good movies playing that night and my mom does not  like any scary movie so I had to put my adverse dislike to Zack Efron and bought a ticket for 17 Again. We tested the waters and had dinner at Jack’s Loft. The caesar salad was bland and boring. The decadent cake lacked decadence. The pasta pomodoro was okay, the buffalo wings despite its miniature size was surprisingly tasty and the fishbowl iced tea was fancy. We had a great time watching the movie because of the supporting cast who played the principal and the best friend of the lead. Suffice it to say, I didn’t mind that Zack Efron was in the movie.

Next day, I had lunch with my girlfriends at Gerry’s Grill at Trinoma. I co-celebrated it with my friend Fids who turned a year older last April 24. She invited three of her officemates, I invited three of mine and then three of our common friends. Lani and Anna came, my friends from high school, both carrying gifts.  Meeko had husband Elmer tag along, he was the only rose in the bunch of lovely women. She too came bearing gifts, she was also our common friend. Fids’ officemates far younger than we are came, one had an SLR she fondly called JR. It was a great time to just catch up though time was short we were able to have fun. Gerry’s staff even brought me ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to my utter embarassment. Hehehe. It was the best celebration ever. I am blessed with great friends who love me to death and would want me to be happy. I love them for that and more.

Anyway, Elmer has plans of hooking me up with a foreigner. They do want me married see and all of them agree I will get lucky if it is a foreigner. So maybe one of these days, Id go visit Fraser’s in Makati just to see if Elmer’s plan would work out. ‘wink wink.’

This came from my Friendster blog since I heard Friendster will delete all shreds of my account’s memory

My former editor, Mam Jay sent me a link to her site. She was selling books. I tried to bid for the Edge of Reason but well, another girl managed to outbid me. When I tried to bid 175, my ceiling price, she still managed to get one over me. The only good thing is that she didn’t get the book too. Someone else outbid her.

Anyway, I bought two mystery books over the weekend. A gift to myself after a grueling documentation week in Iloilo City. The books did not rise to the challenge of whetting my appetite. If only the books that I like didn’t cost so much, now I was left with so-so choices like the ones I bought. So when M’Jay offered to sell me three Grisham books for P300, i said yes I’d buy them before somebody else outbid me again. I still am a sucker for good mystery novels. I have been bitten by that bug since I was in grade school and Joe Hardy was my all time crush. Now I plan to part with my first love by trying to sell my Hardy Boys collection in Someone else might want to fall in love with my rogue of a detective.

But even if I love mystery books, my brother has introduced me to some great works of fiction. One is abbnkkbsnplako. A really funny novel by this guy named Bob Ong who narrated his tales of woe since he started studying. You know what menudo is right? How about afritada? These two viands look the same and their ingredients are the same but they are really different. Bob Ong  narrated how his Practical Arts HS teacher mistook their menudo for afritada. Better just grab yourself a copy so you’d know what I am saying here. Another book or in this case, comic book RA bought is ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. It is a story of a homo named Ada who turns into a really sexy super heroine whenever he swallows a sort of meteorite rock. The laughs will just keep coming with every turn of the page you make. Cheap entertainment it isn’t as the comic book collection cost more than P300.

Oh well. I still want to get my hands on some books, maybe through Ebay I can get the best buys for my collection.