My birthday…2009

Posted: May 5, 2011 in My World in 4D
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→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog April 2010

My birthday is just three days away but this weekend I already celebrated it with the loves of my life. One with my family at Jack’s Loft where the food was so so but the drink was of gigantic proportion. The first plan was to eat at this restaurant my mom was raving about, San Jacinto, along Quezon Avenue but the place was closed at night. We tried to go to Klownz but the ones who have a show that night did not ring any bells of recognition, so we opted to go back to Trinoma. There was no good movies playing that night and my mom does not  like any scary movie so I had to put my adverse dislike to Zack Efron and bought a ticket for 17 Again. We tested the waters and had dinner at Jack’s Loft. The caesar salad was bland and boring. The decadent cake lacked decadence. The pasta pomodoro was okay, the buffalo wings despite its miniature size was surprisingly tasty and the fishbowl iced tea was fancy. We had a great time watching the movie because of the supporting cast who played the principal and the best friend of the lead. Suffice it to say, I didn’t mind that Zack Efron was in the movie.

Next day, I had lunch with my girlfriends at Gerry’s Grill at Trinoma. I co-celebrated it with my friend Fids who turned a year older last April 24. She invited three of her officemates, I invited three of mine and then three of our common friends. Lani and Anna came, my friends from high school, both carrying gifts.  Meeko had husband Elmer tag along, he was the only rose in the bunch of lovely women. She too came bearing gifts, she was also our common friend. Fids’ officemates far younger than we are came, one had an SLR she fondly called JR. It was a great time to just catch up though time was short we were able to have fun. Gerry’s staff even brought me ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to my utter embarassment. Hehehe. It was the best celebration ever. I am blessed with great friends who love me to death and would want me to be happy. I love them for that and more.

Anyway, Elmer has plans of hooking me up with a foreigner. They do want me married see and all of them agree I will get lucky if it is a foreigner. So maybe one of these days, Id go visit Fraser’s in Makati just to see if Elmer’s plan would work out. ‘wink wink.’


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