Sony DI – the swan song

Posted: May 5, 2011 in My World in 4D
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→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog April 2010

We started with 25 agents July 24, 2006. Two teams – Peter Corazo’s and Archiekins. The other team was composed mainly of techie men but we managed to up one on them each time. Jill had the matrix thing, Wheng kept running around, Heidie put on her game face, John charmed the female callers with his Brit accent, Aya had the first commendation, Poi had the best chisms, Rommel was a walking KANA, Ivy was her usual quiet self, Mitch was meek and soft spoken with the twinkle in her eyes… then Wave 2 came along and picked a fight with us, Tl Al was then new along with QA Mina but the fight became such a big issue that then OM Laurice had to intervene. For a while we just snickered and stayed out of their claws. The chism even took a turn for the worse that we celebrate each time that they get a bad call. Anak ni Baleleng and Baleleng themselves were notorious for hitting on the Wave 1 men even if they look far from attractive. Tl Archie and Peter resigned and when Wave 3 became part of the family, I was already an ad hoc team lead for Peter’s team. Other wave came and went. Tl Ren became part of Sony DI. Gem was under Tl Ren, Von under Tl Al. As the DI family grew, Gem and Von became ad hoc team leaders and I got promoted. Alexxx became an ad hoc QA and soon enough my other baby, Monde became an ad hoc trainer.

Email account and then Universal Remote was born. Soon enough Sales and Accessories later known as SOPAS and VAIO came to the fold.  Tl Al became the split’s team lead. OM Laurice gave way to now OM Robs and finally to OM Shane for PA, DI and UR while OM Jake handled SOPAS and VAIO. Cris San Agustin was then our deputy site director. Then as the days go on, the agents and the people both from BSG and Ops  slowly moved away to other sites and company.

A month ago, we were told that Sony is pulling out its account from the company and there were agents identified to move. While keeping the dissolution quiet, my babies were slowly dwindling – Jackie to Philips, Abby, Johnny, Mocsy, Gertie, Drazen and Des to Parlance Libertad while Albert to UR first then Parlance Libertad. 14 agents were left – the 14 strong ones who stayed with me and Gemma till the end – Daki Abenojar, Marwin Bacoto, SME Anthony Briones, Marianne Brozo, Mac Paul Casirayan, Marvin Cruz, Katherin De Asis, Catherine España, Neil Honsayco, John Paul Losin, Raymond Montilla, Rolando Nagtalon, Cathrina Noche and Jayson Perdigon.

Last week, Cat, Mac Paul, JP, Marianne and Neil became part of SOPAS. We were left with 9. Still the team showed resilience, no one was NCNS. They stood firm with us.

Yesterday, some went to Muchos and ate and sang together. A bit of crying with our OM, OS and trainer but we know this will not be the last time we will be there for each other.

The account may have been taken, but our pride and the best we can ever be will stay with us. We have chosen to face the challenge and keep our integrity intact, that is what matters most along with the friendship that has been forged.


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