→Lifted from a soon to be gone Friendster blog June 13, 2008 always-bitchingrachel

You really cant tell people what to do and what not to do. Basically in order for yo not to be irritated at all by the things they do or not do, you just basically stay away from most of them. But social interaction is one thing that you cannot help but have. At one point or another, you just have to have one because it is necessary.

One sad truth though that we all must learn how to deal about social interaction is the culture of gossip. How then can life be more interesting, why the hell not just talk about other people and gently weave into that hurtful remarks, biases and own interpretation.

Just take for example my life in the office. I started working there and I was part of a couple. After just one month on the floor, we split up. I have been there two years and still the rumor mongers cant help but nitpick or get me riled up enough to say something that would satisfy their lust for garbage, skeletons in my closet and such. But then I got to learn how to fend off…ignore them and be totally unaffected (well unless of course if it right in your face that requires you to actually act or step back).  Of course the gossipy people that they are would still ask and with my nonchalance I was christened Bitter. Well, who the hell cares about what they interpret my cold shoulder to him and to them? I know that I am way past being bitter. Bitter actually is old news. I admit I was before but after a while it just stops feeling like that, the feeling has simply ceased to exist.

This of course takes practice so my heart went out for my poor baby Seal who is the topic of a major pow wow due to her very eye candy Relationship. People, I thought before, are born good but as they grow old they just become nasty. Simple comments like why her and he deserved someone better looking are just what broke the already flimsy poise baby Seal has. She cried and I felt her pain. They have hurt her, they have hurt them. Sigh. If only people would know when to shut their trap and just remain sensitive to others feelings. But that is wishing too much. Not even the Universe can be that proactive.

Another one is when someone entrusts you with a secret, it should remain as such. A promise they say is meant to be broken but should it be broken all the damn time? Gossip is a funny thing, it makes people feel antsy. Giddy to the point of sanity, when there’s gossip some people have the urge to tell. Like “must tell, must tell or I’d go nuts if I don’t!” (complete with face clawing, hair pulling actions). Gossip regardless of who gets hurt offers such a delectable treat. So it is a bit of a let down that the “don’t-say-anything-pact” has been breached and itchy tongues, burning ears went on overdrive. This time though, not only was my baby Meow one of the casualties, I along with the others who should have gone down with heads held up high feel that they look at us with pity. And this is because someone told someone who told someone needlessly. Telling did not make our burden lighter, it doubled the weight over our shoulders.


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