Dear mom…

Posted: May 22, 2011 in My World in 4D

Hi Mom,

I am here at work contemplating on how to make your day special. Funny how it should take only a day to tell you that you are doing a good job, well in more ways than one, you are doing such a swell job. For one thing, this being a mom to two volatile children is never easy. You have to put up with most of our shits. You fought alongside us when we need you the most. You cried for us when we go through life’s hurdles. You make us laugh during awkward moments. You beam with so much pride when we accomplish something and never waver in your faith in our abilities. You never let us down when everybody else has given up on us. You always know when we need you most. You forgive us even when we often upset you. Guess you really ought to be made of sterner stuff to have gone through what you have gone through all these years…

Well, fate has not been kind to you. Dad died when I was just 17 and bro was still a toddler. But even if faced with so much uncertainty and loss of a partner, you took on his load and became both a father and a mother to us without any qualms. It was a tedious time for you physically, mentally and emotionally. I prayed to God then to give you the strength to get by.

Maybe He heard that since there is this quiet strength which you never seem to run out of. How can one forget the time that there was a flash flood in Infanta and the only road leading out of it was completely sealed off? I was so scared mom, I did not hear anything from your end for a day and we were so worried sick especially since we heard the entire town was engulfed in water. You braved the rough sea waters via a motorized rubber boat to get to Lucena because there was no food available and Lola was getting sicker. You used your resources to find means to bring food back. If I was proud of you before, I was prouder of you that time. You overcame your fear just to make sure your loved ones do not starve. You never ceased to surprise me. No matter what fate throws at you, you are not fazed.

I am sure mom having to be that invincible can take its toll. So pass on the bulk of your burden on me now. I know I can carry it for you because you have taught me well. Thru your patience with people, I learned fortitude. Thru your determination despite the challenges, I remained hopeful. Thru your mother’s instinct in just knowing, I became empathetic. Thru your good judgment, I developed prudence. Thru your pain, I discovered compassion. Thru your imperfections, I developed perfection. And thru your unconditional love, I am at my happiest.

Happy Mother’s Day to a one of a kind mom! I love you so, so much.

Your unica hija,


  1. teresa says:


    thank you for your kind words. i was reading and it at exactly 5:45 am today and i became so emotional. i cant help but cry while reading it and remembering your dad at the same time.

    putting up with the two of you brings out the best in me coz i get challenged. doing that kind of posture with other people will not be easy. the difference is that i love you and your brother so whole life revolves just around you and ralph…

    i always face a new day with so much hope that my prayers for the two of you will come into fruition and that God will soon find now is the right time to grant my wishes.



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