We almost did not watch this movie because there were so many bad reviews and feedback that crossed our path. Suffice it to say we do not dare spend money on a surefire miss on the big screen. Turned out the movie we were supposed to watch, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, was not in any of the cinemas at Trinoma. Since there was nothing else to watch, we chose Green Lantern.

The plot felt akin to Superman out to save the world kind of thing, with the Lana Lang and Lois Lane falling in love with the caped hero. But here the female lead, Carol Ferris, played sexily by Blake Lively was not fooled by the mask. She recognized him instantly. Remember, Clark Kent just uses a pair of eyeglasses yet no one can guess he is Superman (smack on forehead) and these are supposedly smart ladies (eyes roll). Anyhow going back to the story, the plot was seamlessly written as it established the relationship of Carol, Hal Jordan (Ryan) and Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) early on so no one in the cinema would have those question marks on their faces as they leave. The same way it showed how Hector got involved in the autopsy of Abin Sur when he is but an ordinary HS Science teacher. It also established the reason why there was even an entity that fed on the yellow energy of fear when there is a lot of hope going around in Oa.

I did like the fact that the writers did not automatically make Hal an automatic hero. He fumbled through his training and his first heroic act could have been much better. Like how he tried to save Senator Hammond (Tim Robbins), Hal made a track course of sorts instead of a giant like hand to place the copter safely on the ground.  His character was every bit of what he sets out to do, his being a happy go lucky sorts shows in what he sees in his mind and subsequently creates. So kudos to the writers for making Hal every bit of a human with a lot of flaws yet have a good heart to balance it out.

As for the characters, I am a Ryan Reynolds fan so there is a bit of bias here. He is as always very funny here but seemed like Hal should not be like any of Ryan’s other characters. Surely Ryan has more up in his sleeves rather than playing off the same type of happy go lucky ladies’ man robe he dons for every movie. He needs to keep his fans excited and believe that he has more versatility in him. But I liked him as Green Lantern because Hal does seemed like he does not take life nor relationships too seriously.

I did like the transformation of Blake from blonde to a brunette. She is convincing as the soon to be owner of the Ferris Aircraft Company while having the hots for Hal. Must be all that hair color that did the trick or maybe the girl can actually act. Mark Strong as Sinestro did give me the chills, he is as cold here as he was menacing when he was  Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis, Lord Blackwood. The other casts should have been given meatier lines since their existence in the movie seemed negligible like Tim, Angela Basset, Taika Waititi, Jay Sanders…

All in all the movie is a good one, yes maybe I lowered my expectations to zero but Hal aka Green Lantern sure is a nice way to end my rather tumultuous week.


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