Tropical Depression Falcon, the reliability annihilator

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Services Review
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Falcon was already doing its best to pelt Manila with heavy rains.  Thursday, there was already zero visibility  as the rain was nonstop. According to news, a number of flood prone areas were already flooded. Around 11PM, Falcon rested and hardly a drop. It was time for a back up plan even when there was news that Falcon was already on its way out of the country.

Apparently, PAG-ASA was wrong. On the second day, Falcon again went on a rampage. Many of those victimized by Ondoy already  evacuated earlier in the day. By afternoon, my phone was already busy receiving text messages. I have two agents stuck somewhere because they cannot get a ride, two agents who had to attend to their flooded homes and one agent who needed to be with her sick mom. I was beyond words because I do not have the means of getting them to work safely. The only thing our really “reliable” company can do is have a shuttle to get people from Robinson’s to Garnet.

Why does this get my goat? For one thing, if people are already waiting in Robinsons it only means that they are already going to work. The problem lies in how to get to where my agents were at so they can get a ride to the office. I sent a reply to my boss that this half hearted attempt of the office to help people is not going to resolve the issue that we have less people who can go to work. Bulacan and Junction have areas too flooded to wade through that no one will be foolish enough to still maneuver through. If there are no way out then they will be stuck where they are at.

So going back how does a free ride from a 2-5 minute walk any help? If they truly want to, the company need to station a shuttle at MRT North station and another at Makati. That is a contingency plan to help those with no extra money to ride a cab to get a ride to work even half way from their homes. If those behind the shuttle said no one is taking advantage of the free shuttle, it is because no one would stop to look for a shuttle when they are already near the office. Sometimes guys, common sense is all we need. Maybe Falcon would not have killed my team’s reliability if the company only sent out the shuttles where they are most needed.

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