A dud remake of Clash of the Titans

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Movie review
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It was actually one of those nights when I have the TV all to myself and I was channel surfing when I chanced upon Clash of the Titans on HBO. I was not at all impressed with the story, not because I am not intrigued with a demigod’s perilous journey to avenge his family’s death by going to the underworld. But I got the feeling this movie has dispensed with a good story board. Too bad as there were really great actors in it. Liam Neeson as Zeus did not really strike me as the might god of Olympus whose wrath can destroy the human race. Ralph Fiennes as Hades did not really bring with his character the feeling of death and misery. Jason Flemyng as Calibos/Acrisius was not even memorable, he was just the king whose queen-wife was impregnated by Zeus. I would never understand why he even waited for her to give birth first before he killed her and placed her in a coffin. Could he not just kill her then as he already know she sort of had sex with Zeus? I also do not understand what the role of Io (Gemma Arterton) was. She was just there when Perseus was found by his foster father inside a coffin and then was revived by Zeus as a gift to his son.

Also Sam Worthington as Perseus just seem to just know how to fight with all the acrobatic stunts he pulled off when Calibus appeared in Medusa’s lair. I know he is supposedly a demigod but he was raised a fisherman and fishermen do not fight like that. Perseus was just too good with any weapons that it leaves you baffled. There were just so many loopholes in the story that you would just be glad that it was over when the closing credits were shown.

The movie pretty much relied on the make up and the cinematic effects. Had it not been for that, this would have been such a blah movie. Good that I did not spend a single centavo to watch it on the big screen.


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