My not so durable Merrell rubber shoes

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Services Review
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I do not buy expensive rubber shoes because I know I can actually ran ragged the rubber shoes in no time. I use them too frequently that if I have a cheap pair, it would be ok to buy a new working pair once the old ones are already done for. So back in November 2008, there was this rather convincing sales rep at SM North EDSA named Christopher. His sales talk was that no matter how much I abuse my shoes, it wont give up on me. That it would last a long, long time that  I will be the one to give up on it because I would want another style. I asked Christopher if it can last the daily grind of both the asphalt and cement jungle. Without batting an eyelash, he said ‘yes’. I asked if he owns a pair to be that sure, he said he does not but he would put his credibility on the line because he believes in the product and the technology behind it.

Hmmn, I thought then maybe it was time that I go buy myself a good pair of sensible rubber shoes. Of course it was not a steal despite the discount, it still cost me a whopping P3K. But I got the pair I liked and well, right now looking back I kind of should have thought harder….Knowing my feet, knowing me, knowing how I abuse a working pair of rubber shoes like there is no tomorrow, buying a pair of Merrell was not a good idea. Despite all that good sales talk, I really should not have been swayed. Maybe the makers of Merrell have yet to meet me, if they did they would have known that it takes more than just the wilderness to totally annihilate a pair of Merrell.


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