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Honestly the real reason why I even dared watch this was because my HS friend Lani asked me to go on a movie date with her. This was her pick. I seldom watch Tagalog movies since I find most of the plot the same run of the mill type and at P160, quite a steep price to just grit your teeth through.  So when I went, I had no expectations whatsoever and the movie despite being such a tearjerker was just what I needed.

The movie started with a worried looking Emman Toledo (Aga Muhlach) being led out of the airport terminal and then stripped butt naked somewhere in Japan. Turned out that he brought with him a bagful of Yakuza money, this then fast forward to the market place where he works as a porter. Mercedes (Angel Locsin), the prostitute-turned-girlfriend of a politician’s son (Jake Cuenca) was inside an SUV smoking. As the present intersected with the past, it became apparent that Emman and Cedes had a relationship while they were both in Japan. Star Cinema came in with heavy guns as they played up the heart broken Emman whose life became doomed the moment he volunteered to bring the money to save Cedes life from the Yakuza. You could feel the anger towards her hang heavily in the cinema until she blurted out how she died each year as a kept woman to a Japanese who said he can give Emman back his freedom. Her way out of the prostitution den was being involved with Dylan Evelino but it was akin to being a kept woman as well. So as the story behind their respective hells becomes clear, their love and romance became all the more touching. Added to this set of revelation was the fact that Emman and Cedes may not be able to get out alive as they face the wrath of the Evelino political army (the father just had to be a ruthless killer and his son played by Ryan Eigenmann just had to be more menacing…sigh).

But this heart wrenching but rather doomed love affair must end happily so Emman escaped from his captors (yeah guys, do not let his age and flabs fool you) and save Cedes from a sniper while Dylan gets shot by his father because he just had to kill Cedes (it escapes me why they had to kill her, she is already a prisoner in their house) and Dylan blocked that fatal shot.

Indeed the ending was expected, gives the audience some break from all that unnecessary crying. But it was a nicely woven story and the twist of why Cedes stopped writing Emman was a good surprise. Of course this may not happen in real life since doomed lovers are that just doomed. Still the movie is not your usual Tagalog flick. Lastly pag lumingon ka, magiging akin ka maybe just be the cheesiest line but it is a keeper.


I am a person who does not ask much from people because¬† I have never been a fan so it takes a lot from me to just trust. So if there’s an iota of humanity, regardless of the stage in the relationship I impart something akin to trust. As the days turn to weeks, months then years that bit grows into a full grown trust. A trust that you will respect what I own as I would yours. I know we are not bosom buddies nor are we related but having been in the same circle day in and out does account for some sort of kinship. A sort of respect to our respective properties. Just like how you keep the secrets of others, you do not divulge no matter how hard I pry so shall you guard what should have been for my eyes only with the same tenacity. In this, I know I already erred in my judgment of you.

You were the least that I expect to hurt me this way. To breach the code of trust between us was already bad but what made it hurt even more was the audacity that you made what is mine, shared to someone else. I agree you feel bad about what you learned still that did not entitle you to cross the boundaries between us. I have never been so utterly disappointed. You have failed me. You who I thought was true failed me. I had to put up with many of your complaints and sometimes childishness, I never got angry even when you became too intolerable. But with this stunt you pulled, I am angry, really angry. I do not know what pushed you to do it, even more why you felt the need to forward it to you and subsequently share it to someone else…I am at a loss for words seeing your utter nonchalance and disrespect.

Indeed, the line has been crossed and there is no going back. Did you think I will not find out? Or you felt that I would not mind? Here is where you erred. You chose to do this and cast aside my faith in you. Funny how after you did what you did, you felt wronged about the entire situation yet not feel guilty about hurting another. I hope you found some sense of triumph bickering over the nickles and dimes because from here on in, I do not think I can trust you any longer…