They say as people age, gaining weight is inevitable so more and more people are resigned to the fact that their midsections will get bigger as they add on years. Not knowing that excessive weight can be a symptom of a malfunctioning liver.

If you follow the liver cleanse program and liver cleanse diet, your metabolism will soon improve and you will soon shed off pounds. On the other hand, if you eat the wrong food your liver will make more fats and you will store more fat in the process.

How will you know if you need to do a liver cleanse? Check if you develop poor digestion, abdominal bloating, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence. You can say that your liver is sending an SOS if your tongue feels thick and you have a bad breath. This may go hand in hand with headaches, allergic conditions, fatigue, lowered tolerance to alcohol and inability to tolerate fatty foods.

To save your liver, you may want to undergo a basic liver cleanse diet. Start off with eating foods that are still in the same condition as they were originally. The more alterations, additives and processing it goes through the worst for you and your liver. Eat foods that are naturally crunchy like fruits and uncooked vegetables.

Also it cannot be emphasized enough that fiber plays a pivotal role to the liver cleanse process. Once your liver gets rid of toxins it dumps these toxins in the digestive tract. If there is not enough fiber to carry them out of the body through bowel movement, the toxins will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and the liver has to deal with them again. Fortify your food intake with fiber by eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables and using ground flax or psyllium seeds.

**Note that despite the merits of this liver cleansing,  you need to have your doctor check on you and be the one to advise you on the hows and whats if you wish to go on a liver cleansing since the data above was merely internet research hodge podge on the subject liver cleanse.**


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