Giving up the badtitude…

Posted: August 4, 2011 in My World in 4D

For some reason which cannot be blamed on the weather or lack of sleep, I have become such a she devil. I need to reign in whatever it is that possesses me to just shout out loud and hurt everybody who is in the way. It seemed my thoughts would automatically just come out of my mouth and before I can think or edit the thoughts, I have managed to annihilate the people in my path.

So I pledge to shut my trap and fight off the evil within which forces me to speak out what’s in my mind. The people I hurt did not deserve the pain I inflicted on them. They are victims of the vileness of my person. I feel bad now after spewing such nasty remarks. It was not only mindless but also very insensitive.

I may be a bitch but still it does not give me the right alienating others thru snarky, thoughtless statements. My boss was right there is a thing such as too much bite…got to get rid of this badtitude right now. Say goodbye bitch!


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