A stranger in my bed

Posted: September 5, 2011 in My World in 4D
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She used to be my unicorn…

Like most we started off as strangers, that’s stage 1. Meeting, thanks to a shoelace actually. It seemed pathetic that a guy would do just about anything for the right girl. But it paid off because I got her number. Then stage 2, the chase, some say is the best part. All I wanted was to know more about her. All I wanted to do was hang out with her, the only person I wanted to talk to was her. She was the number one priority and everytime I saw her butterflies. She was everything that I thought was perfect in a girl.

Stage 3, honeymoon. Everyone calls it this and for good reason because this was the time when we can  fully express our affections towards each other and do all the things we want as a couple. The girl who I badly want to be so, so badly was finally mine. Finally fire cooled and both of us simmered down to normalcy.

We entered level 4, comfortable. Now this is not necessarily bad, depends on what you do with that comfort. Some use it to work on what their relationship, others like us allow it to create distance. This made us take each other for granted. Whether it was taking each for granted or people changing over time, bottom line is someone stops trying and feelings are not as strong as before.

It was one and a half year, we reached stage 5 tolerance. Somehow the girl who I was crazy before turned out someone not special anymore. Arguing is one thing but feeling dissatisfied about the relationship is another. 

It was not long when we reached stage 6, downhill. Not much time left when you are here. The effort to make things work are not worth it anymore.

What is next is what happens to everyone at one time. The end of the line, the worst stage ever -the breaking up. This is what leads to right back where we started, strangers. The change will be so drastic and so blunt that we might want to be back to each other right away just to restore what is normal. But this does not always happen and the distance will grow. Our lives will turn into different directions and be strangers again…

The first time I saw this short clip from one of my FB friend’s wall, I thought how can one 16 minute clip produced by Wongfu Productions be so concise about the complicated world of relationships?

True you are basking in happiness the first few months then after a while, you find yourself in a comfort zone and ask yourself where do you go from here? Of course this does not mean it happens to everyone, some relationships do stand the test of time. But like what this couple went thru, I went thru the same thing. Four years down the drain and when I see him I no longer know who that guy is. He was from my past yes, but I no longer recognize who he was during the time we were on the brink of our final break up. You heard me right, final break up.

I do not know when it started that I no longer feel anything towards him  and the fight got worst over the most inane things. I had enough and I knew it was over and  there was no more running after,  no more patching up …The honeymoon was really over and there was no use having this stranger a part of my life any longer.


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