Not a writer’s bestfriend at all…

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Services Review
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I had the misfortune of having tried my hand at writing for, supposed writer’s bestfriend.

My present company does not believe in giving out any pay increase so instead of lamenting the zero increase for 5 years, I was always on the look out for a side line job. One side line job I had to let go because it was taking too much of my time and giving me too much grief compared to my day (in this case night) job. So when I chanced upon an online writing stint that allows you to work on your own pace with a P10,000-15,000 pay, I thought why not.

The first time I received their email last May 26, I was excited. At least I can get to practice writing again and get paid. I sure missed writing for a glossy mag but this was still ok I thought. I sure should have heeded the warning bells when I sent out my pre-employment assignment, I sent the email June 3 and after following up I heard from them June 12.  The next day I got my first assignment:

I did not know how much I was going to be paid but I did the articles. Here it showed that I had to write 6 articles with 400 words each. When no one replied to my questions as to how the pay is determined and how much, I stopped writing after four days. I had already written more than 20+ articles that week alone.

I sent another email to ask what the points are for and did not receive any reply what they meant, though an answer was sent to me why I did not receive any assignment and the delay in payment. I thought maybe I should give them another chance. Alarm bells again but I ignored them since I really needed the extra income. 15 days later, I got a payment update. The points were the actual amount in peso I am supposed to receive. My mouth fell open in utter disappointment. Where was the P10,000? How can more than 10 articles mean only a measly amount? So I stopped writing for this company, it was a waste of time already. I work at night and I stay awake late just to finish the articles on time. What do I get for all that hard work? A less than P300 payment and a lot of stress.

The horror did not end there. The two weeks became a month and no replies came from their end. Then another payment update only to show that they credited someone else’s bank account. I sent them an email every day. Yes, for a measly amount. The articles already amounted to P2025 since I wrote for them for 2 weeks. I must say I should not have bothered but I did the job and I deserved to be paid for it.

Just to clarify, did pay just last August 25 after more than a month of following up with no response from them. So other writers like me be warned, they do not pay as they advertised in Jobstreet and Facebook. I write this piece because I do not want anyone else to be a victim. They ask too much and cheat you of a good pay. They sell whatever it is you write as soon as you submit them. Just that you will get paid after a month or so and because it is a lump sum the payment seemed bigger…check out the breakdown below:

16815.02                          Loans                        Writer 8            300         7-Jul  

16721.03                          Loans & Insurance       Writer 5            210         7-Jul                                  

16971.02                          Loans                        Writer 5            300         7-Jul

IXA6ANNHDC.01                Swimsuits                   Writer 1            180         7-Jul

16721.01                          Loans & Insurance       Writer 7            210         1-Jul

16643.02                          Investing                    Writer 10          280         1-Jul  

16435.02                          Jobs                          Writer 8            290         6-Jun

17084.02                          Mix                           Writer 2             255         25-Jun

I admit I wrote them scathing emails one after another. I am not ashamed of that. I am not sorry I said those things. I felt cheated, I felt used and I felt they should not victimize writers who are looking for a decent pay. Cecilia Cordero, who is the email-based project director, should be ashamed of herself for not being forthcoming. For telling me that being angry will not amount to anything, the hell with that reasoning? When you do not get paid, your texts and emails ignored who would not feel pissed. I was and I am letting you know not to get into because you’d be sorry big time. I surely was.

  1. tracy says:

    I have been looking through your blogging site anytime I receive a possibility…and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it! I have gratitude for your contributions to this subject!

  2. Jane says:

    dude, I was just about to sign up for when I came across your article. you don’t seem to be the first to complain about this. what the fuck, 6 articles and that’s the salary?! assholes. good luck to you, man, hope you have a better gig next time.

  3. raiya says:

    gosh! this essays-bullshit is still doing this to writers. my friend just got out of that hellhole last week and wasn’t even paid the full amount. so disgusting!

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