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Taking the fun out of Zagu

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Services Review

Perhaps one of the worst stand ever of Zagu is the one located along the public transportation terminal in Trinoma. For one thing they are always out of ice.

I can count the number of time I can order decently. I get turned down more than I can care to count. The first few instances when the stall just opened up for the day I would approach by 10, as that is their opening time. The person behind the counter would say sorry, we are still closed. 10 past 10 and they are still closed. Then I would happen to pass by and get an urge to buy a Zagu way past 10 and I would get “sorry, no ice.”

I mean come on, why would they not have ice when ice is one of the main ingredients. The only reason why I kept going to that stall is mainly due to convenience. The stall is outside the mall so there is no need for frisking or checking of bags. Also it is where I get my ride home. But the “convenience” is turning out to be it’s mortal enemy. The traffic of people equates to their inability to provide the drinks due to “still closed, not yet ready and no ice” instances.

Sadly, my love for the pearls is making me hate Zagu’s service in that stall. Instead of cooling me off, it is annoying me and turning me off completely. Better just grab an iced tea from Wendy’s, unless they never run out of anything.


Freedom from emotional vamps

Posted: October 13, 2011 in My World in 4D

It was a slow death but when it happened, it sure felt good. Despite what other people think, there was nothing to feel sorry for.

Maybe the two years might have taken its toll. Maybe the constant bickering and ceaseless negativity got to me too much. Maybe or maybe it has been doomed from the start. You tried to change me into someone I will never be. You never accepted who I was and touted me around like I am some sort of  a pariah.

But after that hullabaloo you made, I now am severing all my ties to you. I do not want the negativity nor do I want the constant stress you put unto me. The life has been sucked out for far too long, I needed some sun to bring the light in. I do not need the demons you bring. Of course at first, like any addict who succumbed to ill calling of the drugs I thought I cannot do it, give up on this madness. But after a day of withdrawal, I felt the energy come back and despite others nagging me, I got my life back.

New blood cells pumped in my veins, alive and excited about each day. The darkness has ceased, the bite marks long gone. I am now free of your cursed presence. ūüėÄ

What should you do when sick on vacation?

We slept was all we did because¬†someone’s idea of a sick joke was give me and my brother upset stomachs.

Okay so the day before my birthday, we just arrived late in the morning in Coron. We rode the taxi to the town proper and got settled comfortably in a restaurant. My brother dared me to try the local delicacy so we ordered a plateful of lato.

I ate half and my brother downed the other half because lato or seaweed grapes tasted just fine especially when marinated in soy sauce and calamansi. Lato went best with inihaw na liempo because it sort of became the vegetable dish. Energized by the wonderful lunch, we finally decided to climb up 720 steps of Mt. Tapyas and get a full view of  breath taking Coron.

Then something went wrong the morning after, I was in a terrible abdominal pain. I was in and out of the only comfort room in the suite but nothing was coming out from my body. I spent my entire birthday writhing in pain. I was doubled over in bed and even when I took lomotil a tablet after another, I was still in way too much pain.

My brother thought he was spared until he and my mom rushed back to the hotel, bro too felt like his insides were being gutted. Just imagine a birthday spent in a fetal position and we were even reduced to crawling when trying to go to the bathroom. There we were humbled for 24 hours by a seaweed called lato and all we could do was sleep, for only then did the awful pain would go away.

I am thankful

…for having the most wonderful mom. She may not be perfect but she just gives and gives. Her love and warmth seemed endless and she never tires in guiding and understanding us.

…because I have such a funny and talented brother, who although gives me endless worries and headaches sometimes, he never fails to make me laugh. He is as charming as my mom and as wickedly funny like my dad, just the perfect combo.

…that I have a roof over my head. This little unit may be too small for most but it is mine, it keeps me dry during the rainy season and keeps me comfortable during the hot summer days. It has in it everything that I need plus so much more.

…for weekends and rest days because I get to just bum at home and do just about nothing.

…that I have a job and a business to secure my future.

These things are not the only ones I am thankful for but they do run at the top of my list. I am always grateful when I manage to get a ride to and from the office, if there are coins in my pocket, if there is good news from time to time…just like how grateful I am for yesterday where we pigged out on sweet camote while watching Harry Potter ¬†then Iron Man 2 on HBO. We followed this eating frenzy with pizzas while watching Project Runway on Megavideo and Hot Fuzz on Jack TV. Indeed may be small stuff but all in all made an ordinary Sunday extra special.


When I learned that Criminal Minds will not come back for another season, I thought it was goodbye to quirky computer wizard Penelope Garcia, to eidetic memory and intellectually gifted Dr. Spencer Reid, to sensual and emotional Derek Morgan,  to pensive Aaron Hotchner and to comebacking pretty JJ Jareau.

What a relief to find out it was not BAU but the spin off, Suspect Behavior, that did not get renewed. I watched it one time and found out to my dismay that this new show was nothing like the original. For one thing Sam Cooper played by Forest Whitaker seemed to know everything, like he is possessed with more than a 6th sense. In one scene, he was asked by a female detective what he sees and he said he puts himself in the suspect’s shoes to know what is going thru his mind and for some reason the case got solved. The rest of his team Beth Griffith (Janeane Garofalo), Mick Rawson (Matt Ryan), Jonathan “Prophet” Simms (Michael Kelly) and Gina La Salle (Beau Garrett) were just bit characters. They all seemed to be playing the same part, the serious type who does not like to humor Penelope.

The lack of character development is a turn off, not to mention that the story seemed to just focus on Cooper, who just seemed bored with it all. The story is blah as well, it failed to engage. But to be fair I tried to watch more episodes but the pool of writers just seem bent on making Cooper the only focal person in the series. Too bad for Janeane since I have always liked her. Such a waste of talent. How hard can following a directive be from a supervisor? That was the only thing they were doing, nothing interesting about a bunch of droids.

The people behind Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior could have learned a lot from the makers of Law and Order because be it the original, Criminal Intent, Special Victim’s Unit and UK, L&O managed to stand out. Although L&O: LA did not do so well, the other spin offs remain strong.