What should you do when sick on vacation?

Posted: October 4, 2011 in My World in 4D
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What should you do when sick on vacation?

We slept was all we did because someone’s idea of a sick joke was give me and my brother upset stomachs.

Okay so the day before my birthday, we just arrived late in the morning in Coron. We rode the taxi to the town proper and got settled comfortably in a restaurant. My brother dared me to try the local delicacy so we ordered a plateful of lato.

I ate half and my brother downed the other half because lato or seaweed grapes tasted just fine especially when marinated in soy sauce and calamansi. Lato went best with inihaw na liempo because it sort of became the vegetable dish. Energized by the wonderful lunch, we finally decided to climb up 720 steps of Mt. Tapyas and get a full view of  breath taking Coron.

Then something went wrong the morning after, I was in a terrible abdominal pain. I was in and out of the only comfort room in the suite but nothing was coming out from my body. I spent my entire birthday writhing in pain. I was doubled over in bed and even when I took lomotil a tablet after another, I was still in way too much pain.

My brother thought he was spared until he and my mom rushed back to the hotel, bro too felt like his insides were being gutted. Just imagine a birthday spent in a fetal position and we were even reduced to crawling when trying to go to the bathroom. There we were humbled for 24 hours by a seaweed called lato and all we could do was sleep, for only then did the awful pain would go away.


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