Freedom from emotional vamps

Posted: October 13, 2011 in My World in 4D

It was a slow death but when it happened, it sure felt good. Despite what other people think, there was nothing to feel sorry for.

Maybe the two years might have taken its toll. Maybe the constant bickering and ceaseless negativity got to me too much. Maybe or maybe it has been doomed from the start. You tried to change me into someone I will never be. You never accepted who I was and touted me around like I am some sort of  a pariah.

But after that hullabaloo you made, I now am severing all my ties to you. I do not want the negativity nor do I want the constant stress you put unto me. The life has been sucked out for far too long, I needed some sun to bring the light in. I do not need the demons you bring. Of course at first, like any addict who succumbed to ill calling of the drugs I thought I cannot do it, give up on this madness. But after a day of withdrawal, I felt the energy come back and despite others nagging me, I got my life back.

New blood cells pumped in my veins, alive and excited about each day. The darkness has ceased, the bite marks long gone. I am now free of your cursed presence. 😀


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