Taking the fun out of Zagu

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Services Review

Perhaps one of the worst stand ever of Zagu is the one located along the public transportation terminal in Trinoma. For one thing they are always out of ice.

I can count the number of time I can order decently. I get turned down more than I can care to count. The first few instances when the stall just opened up for the day I would approach by 10, as that is their opening time. The person behind the counter would say sorry, we are still closed. 10 past 10 and they are still closed. Then I would happen to pass by and get an urge to buy a Zagu way past 10 and I would get “sorry, no ice.”

I mean come on, why would they not have ice when ice is one of the main ingredients. The only reason why I kept going to that stall is mainly due to convenience. The stall is outside the mall so there is no need for frisking or checking of bags. Also it is where I get my ride home. But the “convenience” is turning out to be it’s mortal enemy. The traffic of people equates to their inability to provide the drinks due to “still closed, not yet ready and no ice” instances.

Sadly, my love for the pearls is making me hate Zagu’s service in that stall. Instead of cooling me off, it is annoying me and turning me off completely. Better just grab an iced tea from Wendy’s, unless they never run out of anything.


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