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Employee vs Enterpreneur

Posted: November 27, 2011 in Vmobile
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For some time now, I have received in my inbox several “noteworthy” changes. Noteworthy to those who give a crap that someone is getting an award and another exec got promoted. Anyhow,  my company has for the longest time announced the promotion or hiring of VP so and so as the head of new accounts or imaginary businesses.

The funny thing is, despite the seeming celebratory mood the one at the lower part of the corporate ladder feel saddened and saddled by this bit of news. With new heads, new things will be put into place meaning new policies, additional work to those under them. They would tighten the already very, very tight budget belt and squeeze the living daylights off the people at the bottom rung.

Suffice it to say, regardless if I work my butt off I will not be part of the millions of profit sharing that the VPs and other execs enjoy at the end of the year. Despite the too often townhall meet, nothing will change. The question of whether we will at least get any salary increase will either be ignored or not raised at all since it connotes negativity when the atmosphere is supposedly happy and positive. After all the more saved, the better to fatten their wallets.

Then it occurred to me to dabble anew in business. This time more aggressively. I always wanted to put up my own arts slash craft store, but that would need a lot of money. Money which I do not have at the moment so when a former colleague posted something on Facebook I took that chance and got myself my own kit. It is just P3988 but it holds a lot of promise. For one thing, I do not need to put up anything like tables, stall or whatever.

Nearly a decade ago, I thought that putting up a computer shop would rake in money. For a year, I manned one in the heart of Manila but instead of raking in money, it turned out to be a dismal move. The supposed money maker drained out all the resources. Now, with VMobile I can do my business anytime, anywhere. There is no shop to be manned no underlings to monitor. Just you and your willingness to share the business with others.

I may not have been gifted with a glib  tongue nor am I friendly, but I believe in the product and I know that there are million others who would benefit just by having it. For now I am earning just enough to know that if and when I get into this full time, the promises of P24,000 per month is more than beyond reach, I can even surpass that amount.



Today is Thanksgiving and although the word thanks is something I often say, I thought it best to also write them all down. Oprah before convinced me to get a journal and jot down what I am thankful for, the gratitude journal of course is no more but in its place is my wonderful, therapeutic blog site…here it goes…

Today I am thankful for

– Mang Inasal being opened just in front of the office because we were able to have a team breakfast this morning

– the two pieces of pandesal given to me by osian while he was on coffee break

– SOM’s humble apology before she went home

– the friends I have since way back HS

– the inquiries that I get about my business

– the team I have

– the laugh trips in my cluster even if our metrics are bad

– my mom whom I know loves me a lot regardless of our differences

– my brother who keeps me grounded

– my unit because I come home to it everyday

– the peso and coins in my wallet

– the teller in BDO Makati because she was very accommodating

– our film because apart from being our baby, it will now be my legacy to Garnet

– being given a chance to apply in a particular company

– being able to help one of agents in getting a promotion, another one in being a probationary agent and lastly, to be part of a different department altogether

– my health, my mom’s strength and my brother’s stamina

– the groceries I was able to buy today

– the inspiring words I got from reading The Secret

– being able to get a good night’s sleep

– Sheila and Nabing’s company en route to MGO

– for this blog and the ones who read it

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Honestly more than standing out, I always think I was blending in but I have too many quirks to be like anybody else…I like quiet walks alone. I do not like the crowd who get rowdy and ruin the moment of solitude for me. I like snuggling in bed when the weather is cold and sleeping off the rest of the days. I like my coffee hot and ready whenever I feel the day would be stressful. I can eat only bread the entire day even without any spread if left alone at home. I am a lazy bones when I am home and often would wish that the chores would get done without me lifting a finger. I am however dependable in the office, if given a task I make sure it gets done well and right away. So I am a living, breathing perfect example of an oxymoron…

I do not know if these things and other stuffs make me stand out but the quirks do make me different from someone else…


I have always loved the arts and using my hands in creating something nice. I should have probably pursued my love for fine arts and maybe my career path would have been different.

I was told prior to choosing my degree that there was no money to be had in fine arts. I thought maybe I can persuade them but since I had no means to pay for my own tuition I met my parents halfway and took up Interior Design. I liked freehand more than I do anything so architectural so I changed college courses yearly before I finally ended up as a Journalism graduate.

I should have taken up advertising and pursued my masters as well instead of trying to land a job right after college just because I was already 5 years in school. Looking back, I feel it was my true calling since each time we have a cluster design here in the office I always want to be a big part of it. I also want to own a small shop meant for art trinkets.

I guess, the arts for me was the one that got away. ♥

If you happen to ride an AC Trans TVW 421 plying the route along EDSA be careful because the conductor and the driver are both rude.

I was dropped down at the far end of Paramount where there is no way out going to the passenger bay. I told the driver if he could please move towards the opening of the gate, he said I should check because there is an opening. I told him twice there is none because this was always my stop, he refused to budge. I went down begrudgingly and complained to the conductor. He however told me to exercise, sneering while saying so.

I gave that man the dirty finger. They do not have the right to insult their passengers who are the ones giving them their measly salaries. For one thing, the bus driver moved the freaking AC Trans bus anyway to get passengers who were waiting near the entrance. I paid for my fare already so I do not deserve the ill mannered treatment.

Operator Alberto Carating should terminate those uncouth men and make sure that the others under his management will not be as mean as those ugly men were. The Paramount passage is not passenger friendly, one can be easily side swiped because of the very narrow pavement between the fence and the road where the buses turn so a little consideration on the part of the pedestrian being dropped off should be given.

Friday night I received a call from one of my once babies. IMP told me twice that my former flame said he is proud of me for being a good performer. Thinking at that time that H saw me in the short film he happened to be editing with IMP, I barely acknowledged the compliment. IMP said it twice but maybe it was due to inattentiveness or the noise in the background that I did not get the message clearly, I thought nothing of it.

Until IMP called again the following afternoon and it dawned on me that what H meant as a “performer” was not my performance on screen but on something else. I laughed my heart out not knowing how to take such compliment if it can be called that. I had wished before that H would be so sorry he lost me but 5 years later and all I ended up was being rather memorable in bed.

Is it really flattering that someone would think highly of your “skills”? Or is it insulting to the say the least since what you considered as private and special was just shared nonchalantly. I know I may have jumped the gun as I do not really know how this sharing came about. But the novelty of the idea has worn off and I feel utterly baffled.

Honestly no communication for 5 years and all of a sudden H feels chummy enough to share this to utter strangers. How does someone truly react? Dismissive? Flattered? Insulted? Annoyed? Indifferent?

H and I are still not talking, I do not want to ask why he said what he said. Maybe he was in a sharing mood, still I prefer that I would have been remembered as an ideal girlfriend rather than skilled in the sack. Oh well, one cannot be too picky at least am memorable. >.<

There were times when after a confrontation or when someone says something I would often replay the scene in my mind and think of what I would have said. I would only do this though if I wanted a different outcome and be the one with the last say…

To Tom… I did not say I love you back then because I was too afraid to have my heart broken again. I have a lot of emotional baggage and to burden you with it was just not fair. Looking back I should have given you the chance because now it is too late. I think I would have moved heaven and earth at that time for you except I was still hopelessly in love with him. I did not want to confuse my feelings for you so I told you that we were better off as friends even when I knew I was already falling for you hard and fast.

To her… I do not regret we are no longer friends. You had been treating me bad, no matter if you think I am bullying you but truth was you were the bully. All you want is to hear yourself, to listen only to your explanation, to feel only your feelings. Just seem to be too one sided so when that incident happened, I am not sorry.  You speak ill against me when we are supposed to be friends. You put me in a bad light and I do not appreciate being manipulated like that. So really, go find someone else. Another thing, in truth you are not a good person. About time you be honest about that.

To the powers that be… You need to recognize that good people are hard to come by, they not replaceable just because you think it is better to be rid of them than increase their salaries. How little you think of them and their needs. When the company has gone down the dumps just because you play deaf, dumb and blind to their plight then you only got yourselves to blame.

To she-ra… You keep on disappointing me. I thought by this time you trust me already but then again you do not, you listen to others and judge me. Okay I am not the most approachable person in the world but I get the work done. My team, my rules and there should not be any going around or behind me. No sugar coating anything. I would have appreciated more if you talked to me with that person and not just blind side me by the decision.

To you… I do not know why you just stopped being the center of my universe but you did. I do not understand the silence way before but you got to move on as I moved on, you got to respect that I am better than you. So thank you for the kind words I was told you said, maybe there is hope for you after all.