Make a list of things you wish you had said

Posted: November 12, 2011 in My World in 4D
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There were times when after a confrontation or when someone says something I would often replay the scene in my mind and think of what I would have said. I would only do this though if I wanted a different outcome and be the one with the last say…

To Tom… I did not say I love you back then because I was too afraid to have my heart broken again. I have a lot of emotional baggage and to burden you with it was just not fair. Looking back I should have given you the chance because now it is too late. I think I would have moved heaven and earth at that time for you except I was still hopelessly in love with him. I did not want to confuse my feelings for you so I told you that we were better off as friends even when I knew I was already falling for you hard and fast.

To her… I do not regret we are no longer friends. You had been treating me bad, no matter if you think I am bullying you but truth was you were the bully. All you want is to hear yourself, to listen only to your explanation, to feel only your feelings. Just seem to be too one sided so when that incident happened, I am not sorry.  You speak ill against me when we are supposed to be friends. You put me in a bad light and I do not appreciate being manipulated like that. So really, go find someone else. Another thing, in truth you are not a good person. About time you be honest about that.

To the powers that be… You need to recognize that good people are hard to come by, they not replaceable just because you think it is better to be rid of them than increase their salaries. How little you think of them and their needs. When the company has gone down the dumps just because you play deaf, dumb and blind to their plight then you only got yourselves to blame.

To she-ra… You keep on disappointing me. I thought by this time you trust me already but then again you do not, you listen to others and judge me. Okay I am not the most approachable person in the world but I get the work done. My team, my rules and there should not be any going around or behind me. No sugar coating anything. I would have appreciated more if you talked to me with that person and not just blind side me by the decision.

To you… I do not know why you just stopped being the center of my universe but you did. I do not understand the silence way before but you got to move on as I moved on, you got to respect that I am better than you. So thank you for the kind words I was told you said, maybe there is hope for you after all.


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