How would you feel if a former flame say something unexpected?

Posted: November 13, 2011 in My World in 4D

Friday night I received a call from one of my once babies. IMP told me twice that my former flame said he is proud of me for being a good performer. Thinking at that time that H saw me in the short film he happened to be editing with IMP, I barely acknowledged the compliment. IMP said it twice but maybe it was due to inattentiveness or the noise in the background that I did not get the message clearly, I thought nothing of it.

Until IMP called again the following afternoon and it dawned on me that what H meant as a “performer” was not my performance on screen but on something else. I laughed my heart out not knowing how to take such compliment if it can be called that. I had wished before that H would be so sorry he lost me but 5 years later and all I ended up was being rather memorable in bed.

Is it really flattering that someone would think highly of your “skills”? Or is it insulting to the say the least since what you considered as private and special was just shared nonchalantly. I know I may have jumped the gun as I do not really know how this sharing came about. But the novelty of the idea has worn off and I feel utterly baffled.

Honestly no communication for 5 years and all of a sudden H feels chummy enough to share this to utter strangers. How does someone truly react? Dismissive? Flattered? Insulted? Annoyed? Indifferent?

H and I are still not talking, I do not want to ask why he said what he said. Maybe he was in a sharing mood, still I prefer that I would have been remembered as an ideal girlfriend rather than skilled in the sack. Oh well, one cannot be too picky at least am memorable. >.<


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