In what ways do you stand out?

Posted: November 20, 2011 in My World in 4D
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Honestly more than standing out, I always think I was blending in but I have too many quirks to be like anybody else…I like quiet walks alone. I do not like the crowd who get rowdy and ruin the moment of solitude for me. I like snuggling in bed when the weather is cold and sleeping off the rest of the days. I like my coffee hot and ready whenever I feel the day would be stressful. I can eat only bread the entire day even without any spread if left alone at home. I am a lazy bones when I am home and often would wish that the chores would get done without me lifting a finger. I am however dependable in the office, if given a task I make sure it gets done well and right away. So I am a living, breathing perfect example of an oxymoron…

I do not know if these things and other stuffs make me stand out but the quirks do make me different from someone else…



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