It’s Thanksgiving, time to give thanks…

Posted: November 24, 2011 in My World in 4D

Today is Thanksgiving and although the word thanks is something I often say, I thought it best to also write them all down. Oprah before convinced me to get a journal and jot down what I am thankful for, the gratitude journal of course is no more but in its place is my wonderful, therapeutic blog site…here it goes…

Today I am thankful for

– Mang Inasal being opened just in front of the office because we were able to have a team breakfast this morning

– the two pieces of pandesal given to me by osian while he was on coffee break

– SOM’s humble apology before she went home

– the friends I have since way back HS

– the inquiries that I get about my business

– the team I have

– the laugh trips in my cluster even if our metrics are bad

– my mom whom I know loves me a lot regardless of our differences

– my brother who keeps me grounded

– my unit because I come home to it everyday

– the peso and coins in my wallet

– the teller in BDO Makati because she was very accommodating

– our film because apart from being our baby, it will now be my legacy to Garnet

– being given a chance to apply in a particular company

– being able to help one of agents in getting a promotion, another one in being a probationary agent and lastly, to be part of a different department altogether

– my health, my mom’s strength and my brother’s stamina

– the groceries I was able to buy today

– the inspiring words I got from reading The Secret

– being able to get a good night’s sleep

– Sheila and Nabing’s company en route to MGO

– for this blog and the ones who read it

Thank you, thank you and thank you.


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