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I miss the time when I am naive and just believe in the good in people. I miss my dad, lolo and lola. I miss being in a relationship. I miss getting high in my job, when I look forward to each and every day that I report for work. I miss my high school days when everything was just simple and free. I miss knowing what I really want and doing everything I can to achieve it. I miss my old team, my Firewire babies who accepted that I know what i am doing. I miss Tom, his friendship and his support. I miss being hugged, cuddled and cared for by a boyfriend. I miss my body way back in college when I was reed thin and has no worries about bulging tummy and love handles. I miss the life I once had when happiness does not equate to money all the time.


Karera is a story about a call center agent named Caloy. He leads an ordinary life and seemed pretty happy until he met his friends again after two years.

Adrian is now the highest paid basketball player. His arrogance notwithstanding, he remained a chick magnet.

Randy has done well as a supermodel and now has a perfume and underwear line he would launch the week after they met up for a work out in the gym.

Miguel, the most serious one of them all, became an associate professor and at a young age is now being eyed as a department head.

Caloy never felt so small being with his friends. How he can tell them that he is a mere employee taking in calls and that he has to make ends meet every pay day to sustain his family? But one day, an incident happened along Aurora Boulevard and Caloy received that call that changed his perspective about his work.

From there he finally knew that he may not be earning as much as his friends but what he does is by no means for naught. Caloy got the acknowledgement he deserved.

The Challenges

Making the 10 minute film with no budget was one of the biggest hurdles that we faced. We tried to look at who has camcorders, lights and mics before we actually looked at finding one for rent. It was agreed on after the nth meet that the P6000 for the whole day was the more practical than having several camcorders with different resolutions and thus sacrificing the quality of the film.

Soliciting from managers was top most in the list in getting money to finance the short film. Followed by a twice held bingo and dress down passes. Selling recycled bottles was the least priority but boxes were still strategically placed.

The next challenge was knowing what story to base the script on as the time frame limits the options. The idea of developing characters was scrapped and a simple story cropped up thus this story of four friends who started on the same playing field and yet years after their high school years, only Caloy remained a paycheck to paycheck employee. There was no drama there, no gut wrenching sob plots of sorts but the story reminds everyone of how a simple person can do something so extra ordinary regardless of his stature in life.

Auditions began and soon the people who formed the main cast, extras and crew took form. A date has been set and a call time for all concerned were rolled out. But like anything else, it wouldn’t be exciting if things went oh so smoothly. The lead actor just arrived five hours later and everybody had given him the evil eye. As if the delay in the shoot was not enough, Tristan had a hair cut which led to the director to have him wear a cap instead of doing a retake of all six scenes he was in.

The schedule constraints for pull outs, rehearsals and shoots required major manipulation on the part of upper management. It also entailed a lot of brainstorming as there were things that got sacrificed. Like the first scene with the family had to be taken as is since one actor was unavailable. For the last shoot day, it was one of the major characters who called in sick such that his lines were reassigned and his absence was excused as just being so much of a skirt chaser that he left his friends that moment.

The Camaraderie

The nice thing about having an entire site put together their resources is that new friendships get formed and finally the alliance between domestic and international got forged. BALBOA, MEVSA, VERIO, Netspend and a trickle agents from the domestic accounts would hardly acknowledge each other in the lobby but through this endeavor somehow familiarity led to a sort of kinship. Now they are a formidable group that will give the other 10 sites a run for their money.