Metrodeal’s Bad Customer Service Experience

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Services Review
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Honestly what would you feel if someone like Anchel from Metrodeal replied to you in a very condescending manner after you bought P16,500 worth of vouchers and you cannot contact the numbers provided because either it keeps ringing or forever busy? I replied to this email and sadly Metrodeal did not reply where I can complain this Anchel. Also this email he sent me was after a couple of days I sent my inquiry and follow up email about contact details of the voucher provider. Not only was it a late reply, it was also an improper one. Increasing the font size and changing the color show how little this Anchel thinks of me as a customer, s/he must have thought I am quite the idiot not to see the fine print. Well I did read the fine print, I just needed more info on how else to contact them. Beside the email address was incorrect. It should be either be or lacarmela2​@indochinas​  I found this when I tried all the numbers I Googled on Indochina. I suggest before email rep think so highly of themselves and become untouchable, they ought to think twice as consumers like me who buy the vouchers are the reason why they have their jobs in the first place. X<

  1. elegant baby says:

    elegant baby
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  2. thegbandaid says:

    I have the same problem with indochinastrings. This time, the lag time from my inquiry to the date of the response is quite huge. 4-5days. only to tell me that I misinterpreted the fine print. And now, the easy remedy (which is to buy another voucher for a 4room booking) is no longer available. The service is awful.

  3. Gi says:

    SAME HERE! Indochina has the very awful customer service ever. After waiting for their confirmation, now they’ve rescheduled us.

  4. Romeo says:

    I had an horrible experience with Indochinastrings, they really tried to cheat me, I bought from Cash Cash Pinoy and then when I wanted to make my booking they said Cash Cash Pinoy is no longer doing business with them, so what I have the voucher. Cash Cash Pinoy even showed me the receipt were they had paid Indo China Strings for my voucher but they still refused to give me my travel. Really bad people.

  5. Pol says:

    I’m sorry you had to go through this. You can try contacting these people, but from the looks of it, i highly doubt they will be able to resolve your issue. You’re better off filing a complaint with Dti.

    Javier S Parra,
    Margaret Silerio

    • I guess Metrodeal just need to do better screening. Javier Paras is often not in the office and they hardly reply to emails. I have names and email addresses but these people are as terrible replying as they are when in comes to actual follow ups. As a customer, you are left with just calling them back and making kulit. I did not resort the DTI route. I just made a promise to myself that I wont buy vouchers when I see indochina as travel agency.

      • Sally says:

        Hello bitchy… would you know this Javier Paras is not often in the office if you are just a customer? You sound like you’re making this up, just to give Indochina a bad reputation. I have only had good customer service with them. That’s all I want to say.

      • Hi Sally because I called each time and he wasn’t there. I also have his emails. If you think I am making this up send me your email address and Id forward our correspondence. You may have had a good service from them but not all did, maybe you got lucky.

  6. pul says:

    i also had a reservation and i overlooked the terms that there must be 4 vouchers in 1 im planning to pay tne remaining 2 concern now is that. is indochinastrings travel agency really exsisting or its just a scam??? reply please

    • Chris says:

      I just checked their website and all I get is the web page cannot be displayed,good thing I read this blog I was about to purchase a voucher in metrodeal/indochina.

    • I think they are legit but just bad customer service. Better just reserve online and ask friends for referral than go thru all the hassle with Indochina.

  7. EA says:

    Hi! I worked in travel industry and worked in collaboration with indochinastrings.

    They don’t pay. Be careful!

  8. Romeo , This is Javier Managing Director of Indochina strings
    First of all CCP showed you a document that is neither tru or official in fact they still owe us around one million pesos and i suggest you inform yourself accurately before making such comments , as if Cash cash pinoy owe us money and still do and we are in court with them for payment
    Regarding the other comments , I challenge any of you to try to call us , make a booking or any transaction with us never will take more than 24 to 36 hours. For your information we have produced more than 180.000 reservations , improve all our systems and even automated phone with 100 Numbers always attended

    EA i would like to know if you are just a bully , coward or just a fake poster . I am going to take legal action for false accusations as we have never not paid a merchant. I invite you to identify yourself , and indeed we will leave your comments for our legal team

    I am happy to discuss anything personally and if anything was done wrongly , i give you 10.000 Pesos cash each. Please be accurate when putting certain accusations and truthful as many times happens the terms and conditions of the deals have not been either read or understood properly
    Regards to all

  9. I just want to make sure all our clients are happy and receive proper customer service , i will be more than happy to see you all personally if you want to discuss anything at all . I am always happy to hear good and bad feedback so we can improve
    Regarding our legitimacy , please let me know if you like to see our documents and permits , As well as our vietnam and Hong kong Offices , as well as to make sure if you were not handled properly , we can ammend it . I will also investigate with my team about your cases if you would provide the voucher number , and as i said is something not profesional or correct , will do something about it
    Regards to all

  10. Reference Voucher numbers for la Camela , It is quite common the clients overlook the fine print , but pricing is based on Cuadruple occupancy , 4 pax in a room the hotel gives a cheaper rate, What we ask the clients in this cases is to either purchase additional vouchers or we process the refund
    We are now going to also include promotions and pricing for 2 , 3 and 4 pax to avoid this issue and people can have a choice even if lesser travellers. But as i said before , please contact me if any issues and i will take care of you as our valued clients
    Thank you

  11. I will be very happy also to show all documents to the client from Cash cash Pinoy . That was the reason we stop working with them
    They use to seal a deal with hotel and then we had to ammend the mistakes and problems plus we had to pay the hotel prior guest arrival and they paid always partially , late and not the amount sold
    Even not allowing us to do refunds and saying “never refund just convince the client to travel ”
    As you might well understand when you are working with people that does not pay their providers , does not know the travel industry , should not be allow to operate
    Let me give you a very clear sample
    There is a HKG deal in CCP for 10K + , when you look at the deal you think wonderful and very cheap one . The issue is that the travel taxes amount to almost 6K for this trip . I invite you to see it for yourself and to try to see if you can go for that price to HKG . The flights at the moment are full and very expensive , that is why this will be another or CCP issues.
    As i said to you , happy to invite you to our office , see the documents and emails from CCP to us , so you can really balance it yourself
    Thank you

  12. Travel industry comments from EA
    If you are accusing our business of such thing it is truly quite serious , Therefore , Identify yourself or the business you work with ( for formerly worked ) and i will proof you not only providing false information , but perhaps even not working for the industry and never work with us
    Our legal team is on this case as such serious accusations are penalised by the law
    As i said i am here open and transparent , do the same if you dear to question our payments.

  13. iamshe says:

    I bought a voucher for a night in h2o hotel, I received quick replies from indochina. However, still no confirmed booking on the 4th working day after I sent my requested dates. So I called h2o hotel and asked them if indochina has sent an email regarding my request(coz I am so worried after reading your comments here) And they confirmed! I sent a message to indochina to just confirm it on their end, still waiting for a reply though. I am hoping not to experience the same thing as you have guys.

  14. Maria says:

    I bought 2 vouchers trip to kuala lumpur..3 days and 2 nyts stay in ibis hotel i hope they reply today as im really worried cox of the bad impressions of other customer….so far i cant comment…..but still waiting…

    • post it here still if your experience fared better than ours. good luck or shall I say have fun in KL.

      • Geilyn says:

        Hi Maria! We will look into this and highlight with the hotel regarding your concern. Please be informed that this is just a budget hotel and a super promo rate. We can not promise that we may be able to meet your expectations as it is based on persons standard.

        If you feel not satisfied with the reviews that you have read, we can actually offer other higher category hotel but of course same rate will no longer be applicable or surcharge applies. Please let us know. Thank you.

      • Maria, this sounds like a good offer

  15. Maria says:

    Indochina replied so fast i got what i need in just one day….

  16. Genelita Lira Mejia says:

    Hello Indochina strings management! I am so worried after reading all these comments/remarks regarding the indochina travel transactions. I hope I will not have all those horrible experiences they suffered. Of course I don’t wanna to go through all these mess. I bought two (2) vouchers for P13,000 for our 4-Days/3-Nights in Kuala Lumpur with Genting & Batu Caves Tour and Accomodation at P6500/voucher. Since the day I purchased said vouchers (February 21, 2014), I tried to contact your landline/trunkline #, but to no avail. Thus, I have searched to look for other possible contact number and found this blog instead. Please have me booked and it should be scheduled on a fixed date considering the fact that I already purchased my tickets too which will be on July 27 to July 30, 2014. Please book me from July 27-30, 2014.

    • Audrie says:

      Hi Ms Genelita Mejia,

      Greetings from Indochina Strings Philippines!

      I’am Audrie , Operations Manager, we will definitely process the said reservation you have stated and I will let our reservation team, call you the soonest for this to be arranged and finalized.

      As per the trunk line we have (+632 462 6000), is working smoothly, from Mondays – Fridays
      9am – 5.30pm (except Holidays). You might have contacted us beyond or during times that are loaded with calls. Should you have difficulty to reach us – you can dial : loc. 30 for Domestic and 28 for international or email concerns at, which is being monitored regularly.

      We will keep you posted on the said details!


  17. jennyfer achazo says:

    Hi. I just want to ask when i will reciv the email for confirmation booking? I bought 2 vouchers for hongkong disneyland trip. I already waited for more than 48hrs

  18. katrine dela rosa says:

    Hi. I just want to ask when i will reciv the email for confirmation booking? I bought 2 vouchers for hongkong disneyland trip. I already waited for more than 48hrs

  19. Audrie Decena says:

    Hi Ms Jennyfer and Ms Katrine,

    As per checking mail thread with our team, you were already notified that your booking has been confirmed and finalized. Should you want to re-confirm with us; our updated contact numbers are: (02) 543-0265, (02) 545-3945, (02) 545-3567, (02) 543-0679, (02) 543-0655, (02) 543-0504.
    Feel free to contact us from Mondays – Fridays, 9am – 5.30pm (except holidays).
    You can look for Me or Ms Jane for much faster assistance on this matter.


  20. moongoddess says:

    Is it just me or your comment section just became a customer support of Indochina?? :S

  21. Audrie says:

    Hi Maria,

    To assist you best, please send me a mail at :, on what specific deal have you purchased or the reference code of your request, so we can track and check it on our booking system.

    Rest assured that all inqueries and request for reservation are being facilitated.

    Thank you!

  22. alyssa says:

    Maria, did they sent you their confirmation email? I want to buy the 3-Days & 2-Nights Stay at Kuala Lumpur which i saw at Metrodeal but upon reading this blog and the other people’s comments i was worried.

  23. quennie says:

    Can I ask for a cp number instead? I wanted to book po for hk tour.. but I’m staying here in mindanao..

    Please I badly need it..thanks

  24. AkosiTatiana says:

    I’d like to share my bad experience with a csr of metrodeal. I placed some order for a mobile ring, sent an email if there’s a chance I could choose a color since no option was given on their website, and to think the number of the seller is not reachable. I received an email response from metrodeal’s rep named Eric, that it is not possible etc. In short his email lacks empathy, I responded you lack empathy and your boss should know that.
    After 3-5mins when I sent my response, I received a call from this number 09178016043 claiming he is from metrodeal and looking for Jeanette Sanchez, which is not me and he even continued talking that “please give me.your that I can verify your number” I hung up before I’d curse him. I sent an email, you are getting personal and I will report you. He sent a text message, “hi mam, sorry for the disturbed, I’ve got a wrong number”.

  25. I am about to purchase in metrodeal/indochinastrings and before I will purchase a voucher I tried to contact first the indochinastrings.but any of their nos.
    cannot be reached. So, I surfed for their other nos. and I found this blog.

    • Audrie says:

      Hi Irene,
      As posted you may reach us thru this :

      via Web:
      via Skype: indochinastrings.assistance
      via Phone: (02) 543-0265, (02) 545-3945
      via Mobile: (+63) 906 288 7427, (+63) 929 743 9340

      from Mondays – Fridays, 9am – 5.30pm (except holidays).

      You may also leave us a message at Facebook :

      Rest assure that your query and concerns will be attended.


      • You guys there at Indochina and Metrodeal ought to acknowledge the fact that this blog created foot traffic for you too. just saying…as it is Metrodeal does not even allow me anymore to log in…how unprofessional is that?

      • Libe Bantay says:

        Hi Audrie, I purchased 3 vouchers for Canyon Cove in Nasugbu Batangas. I tried dialling the Globe Mobile# but seems not working. I tried the smart# and it is ringing. I just hope I can contact your office tomorrow April 01, 2016.

        I am hoping that I will not experience any bad experience in my bookings with Metro Deal and your agency. I believe that everything can be ironed out and resolved if only be communicated properly.

        I will appreciate if someone will reach me on my numbers: 09985395939, 09178844704 and 09335179821.

        Thank you!
        Libe Bantay

  26. jane says:

    i bought two voucher last friday and still can’t enter my travel dates when tried to book… we are supposed to travel to coron on the 3rd of march. anyone here who could help us?

  27. Gello says:

    I have ordered La Carmela bookings last 2014 but metrodeal’s system billed me several times. I raised a dispute and they cancelled all of my vouchers but didn’t cancelled the billing. I ended up paying the bank to avoid penalties and block list. Now Metrodeal keeps on saying that they’re waiting for IndoChina’s advice. This started 2014 and now its 2016. That is clearly a fraud. They cancelled all of my vouchers without cancelling the bill. I paid a total of 15k for totally nothing.

    Has anyone already tried to raise their concern to DTI? If ever, was there any good result?

    • i am not sure if anyone has a complaint lodged with dti about indochina or metrodeal. this blog was actually meant for my rant but am glad it helped paved the way for others like me who had issues with them

  28. says:

    all the tel. numbers are difficult to reached.

  29. says:

    hello to indochina office i read all your comments that you replayed fast but unfortunately from 8am in themorning of augost 22 2016 i was trying to call your office and i search all the number land line ad cellphone plus emails but until now 0 result ,i send the request last week for our ovenite stay in Canyon cove and i will bring my grand kids with me I all raedy arrange thing to be arrange form my kids school and ect. but untill now i dont get a reply .no body answering the phone land line and cellphone

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