I got three bags of used coffee grounds from Starbucks in Raffles Pasig and went home to dry ’em out using my trusty cookware. Microwave is busted so I use the stove. It has been two weeks since I discovered the magic of combining coffee grounds with olive oil. Of course it did not mean that I now am cellulite free, it just means that I saved a lot of money going to the spa just by getting free bags of used ground coffee from Starbucks.

There is this step wherein you need 1/4 cup of used ground coffee and 1T of either olive oil or coconut oil. Warm the concoction in the microwave and apply liberally on the cellulite prone body parts (yes, dearest it could mean your butt cheeks, thunder thighs, tummy or flabs under the arms). Wrap yourself in plastic wrap and do about your business until the plastic wears off or the coffee grounds start to peel off your skin, whichever comes first.

Another is, use it as a scrub while taking a bath by mixing the coffee grounds with some oil and shower gel.

Me? I do my own thing. I warm the 1/4 mixed coffee and olive oil filled cup in the oven and massage liberally all over the parts I feel need some blood circulation. I rub until my hands can no longer feel anything. I wait a couple of minutes then I rinse it off. Each time I am rewarded with a silky smooth skin and to think all I spent on this spa like treatment is P110 for the bottle of olive oil. I do this daily but it may seem over the top, twice a week according to research would result to the same thing apparently. 😛

  1. Your site is incredibly inspiring, thanks!

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