Overwhelming opportunities for a P250 business

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Vmobile
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Who would have thought that an access card that costs a measly P250 can turn into a megamillion peso opportunity?

Last Saturday I had a chance to attend Ingo Hansen’s BOM. Mind you I am not easily convinced but I needed to know how to run my business properly and he has the key to letting me know the ins and out. I never thought it possible but for someone a peso is just a peso but when I ask a peso from 1 million people, that measly peso will become 1 million bucks.

Intrigued somewhat I listened further and found myself nodding. The Philippines is not a texting capital for nothing, the people had made the telcos very rich because the telcos capitalized on the current top need of the Filipinos. So Ingo said why not earn from this need and tap those who like to play games online and send text messages nonstop? He does not mean just selling loads to these people but equip them with the power to make money out of the prepaid load they often use.

Below is just a preview of how you can share the power of technology while earning:

Impossible? No, it is not. A Filipino can use up to an average of P300 a month and that is just a modest estimate, if you can sell that to 10 persons imagine how much you can make in a month if you have other people under you selling loads?




Intrigued? Then PM me for details, I would love to share this business with you.


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