Positively positive…

Posted: January 28, 2012 in My World in 4D
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It can easily have been one of the worst day of my life but then again why make a mountain out of a molehill when I can turn things around and make it better?

So okay, this is the longest time we ever had without the elusive salary in sight. I kept checking my online account yet even after staying awake way past 2PM (I am one of the vamps who work the graveyard shift but the pay does not commensurate the paradigm shift in my otherwise normal life) but the added digits were nowhere to be found. I slept well and woke up with a mission – find loose change in pants’ or bag pockets so I can have enough to pay for my fare. When I found not a single dime, I “borrowed” from the house funds I saved up and while I was about to put it in my wallet, I found a P100 bill. My lil bro surprised me with that blue violet inked paper. Sweet!

I came to the office late because I did not manage to get a seat in the van about to leave the terminal. But the good thing is, despite running late I was comfortably sitting in front with the cool air blasting from the van air conditioner directed at me while my office mate stepped on a dog poo. She had to endure the smell while riding a jeep on her way to the office then face more embarrassment as she was almost not allowed to get in the office premises and was asked to clean after herself when she made a mess in the ladies room making her later than me. 😛

Here at home after putting down the groceries, I cut my thumb. This happened while I tried to force open the fruit cocktail can. The cut seemed deep because it was profusely bleeding. I had to run tap water on the cut while trying to cook pesto tuna and making fruit salad. Both the meal and the dessert were made with no blood spilled in them. My brother ate his share with a lot of gusto thus making the one hand cooked and prepared meal a success.

During that late lunch, I was informed thru FB chat that my article will get printed and that the editor of the online magazine wants to meet up. Added to this, I managed to earn P40  after I registered a technouser under another technouser. So I am looking forward to the thousands I am bound to earn once she starts her loading business. (giddy with excitement)

So yes, this could have turned out to be the worst day but for some reason I am smiling and enjoying my Saturday off. ♫♪I got a feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night♪♫

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