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How would you feel if there is no toilet paper?

Apparently the issue started with the lack of toilet paper inside Jane’s and John’s room. With no more means to swipe the front and back of Jane and John’s delicate bottom, the denizens of  the lime green enterprise wonder what would be next.

There has been a mass exodus out of the company already as they feel overly deprived financially for far too long. Coffee, creamer and sugar supplies have dwindled so much so that replenishment can only be good for a handful of early birds. The rest have to contend with the water in the dispenser and coffee either from the nearby Mini Stop or vending machine in the roof deck.

Now those who are left face not only scarce resources but zero to non-existent over the weekend toilet paper. The budget it would seem has been cut in half. The denizens wonder where does the rest of the budget usually go? There is definitely no goodies nor special treats on a regular basis so where does the money go?

See, office supplies are strictly budgeted and it follows the below Php500 rule. Also the supplies are part of the campaign funds which eliminates anything that pertains to campaign related funds as part of the others mentioned. Each department have separate budget allocations for their respective projects which means that budget too is not part of the mysterious others. 

The denizens do not enjoy a ride inside the shuttle since the shuttle appears only once in a blue moon. That form of transportation is meant only for clients, when there is a need for a show of superfluity (not really sure if the shuttle with a really weak air conditioning system can be considered as an indulgence.) Another supposed cost stricken out of the list of others. 

Likewise, there is no ration for the denizens who brave the flood. It is often a bring your own. Despite the fact that emails sent to the clients claim that lime green firm is ready with shuttles to bring people to and fro the office and food rations are readily available for the just in case, this unfortunately is hardly the case. Denizens are asked to make sure they have enough food brought in when they report for work along with a packed bag filled with a change of clothes. Drilled onto them is the need to be present, drenched to the bones denizen trudge to work and all they get is a thank you. No they do not even get  the small cup of noodles nor even one single pack of skyflakes that goes with it. 😦

Now the problem at hand, no toilet paper to swipe bottoms and front with during the middle of the shift and weekends, what to do? The ever resourceful denizens bring his/her own. It wont help whining about it as the cries would just fall on penny-pinchers’ deaf ears, you see. ;P

The story began with the toilet paper and maybe soon, this will come to an end with yours truly as part of the throng moving out.


I had it all mapped out. On my off once I get home I will exercise, iron clothes and cook dinner. Next day I will do a general house cleaning and discard stuffs we no longer use. After that exercise, before I plan the ad campaign for my business.

It was a good start until the vertigo attacked the morning after. To say that it derailed all the plans is an understatement. I accomplished nothing. Even when I was reduced to just watching a movie on the computer, I still felt the world went round and round like a nonstop ride on the ferris wheel. I wanted to get off that ride but cannot.

Serc helped a bit but not enough to help me up. I just wanted to lie by my right side as the dizzying spell led to a dull throbbing of the temple and fits of cough soon after. I was not sure if this was just psychosomatic. My body rebelling the fact that I am trying to be very diligent in doing my household chores and business, even when I am supposed to be on a break.  I also was not able to do my exercise…the lightheaded feeling only went away after my second dose of serc and it was already past 10PM.

I felt I wasted an entire day when I could have been very productive. This coming week I will try again and hopefully with lesser health concerns. Either that or I may just give up on ever getting washboard abs. 😛

Apparently it is just me. Even when I am standing perfectly still or hunched up on the sofa, the world that we all know would just spin.

No dearie, I am not drunk. It seems I have a mild form of vertigo which although not debilitating, still makes me worried. I do not want to just topple over while in the office, double for when I am outside while in the grocery or any public place.  You know the feeling when you are light headed when you get tipsy drinking and vision just gets blurred? Yes that kind except with no liquor in the system.

The good news is that this may only be temporary, the bad news is that I have to lessen salt in my food, not eat processed foods, chocolates and nuts. I cannot say enough how much I love chocolates and lately, cashew, plus the easiest to cook when pressed for time are processed ones. But which do I prefer, not feeling dizzy or not being happy? It is a coin toss and maybe I would keep flipping because I will not like the answer to the heads or tails bit.