Is it me or is the world spinning?

Posted: February 18, 2012 in My World in 4D
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Apparently it is just me. Even when I am standing perfectly still or hunched up on the sofa, the world that we all know would just spin.

No dearie, I am not drunk. It seems I have a mild form of vertigo which although not debilitating, still makes me worried. I do not want to just topple over while in the office, double for when I am outside while in the grocery or any public place.  You know the feeling when you are light headed when you get tipsy drinking and vision just gets blurred? Yes that kind except with no liquor in the system.

The good news is that this may only be temporary, the bad news is that I have to lessen salt in my food, not eat processed foods, chocolates and nuts. I cannot say enough how much I love chocolates and lately, cashew, plus the easiest to cook when pressed for time are processed ones. But which do I prefer, not feeling dizzy or not being happy? It is a coin toss and maybe I would keep flipping because I will not like the answer to the heads or tails bit.



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