Unproductive day whirred by

Posted: February 26, 2012 in My World in 4D
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I had it all mapped out. On my off once I get home I will exercise, iron clothes and cook dinner. Next day I will do a general house cleaning and discard stuffs we no longer use. After that exercise, before I plan the ad campaign for my business.

It was a good start until the vertigo attacked the morning after. To say that it derailed all the plans is an understatement. I accomplished nothing. Even when I was reduced to just watching a movie on the computer, I still felt the world went round and round like a nonstop ride on the ferris wheel. I wanted to get off that ride but cannot.

Serc helped a bit but not enough to help me up. I just wanted to lie by my right side as the dizzying spell led to a dull throbbing of the temple and fits of cough soon after. I was not sure if this was just psychosomatic. My body rebelling the fact that I am trying to be very diligent in doing my household chores and business, even when I am supposed to be on a break.  I also was not able to do my exercise…the lightheaded feeling only went away after my second dose of serc and it was already past 10PM.

I felt I wasted an entire day when I could have been very productive. This coming week I will try again and hopefully with lesser health concerns. Either that or I may just give up on ever getting washboard abs. 😛

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