Supposedly, volunteerism is an altruistic act.

As defined in wikipedia “Altruism can be distinguished from feelings of duty and loyalty. Altruism is a motivation to provide something of value to a party who must be anyone but the self, while duty focuses on a moral obligation towards a specific individual (for example, a god, a king), or collective (for example, a government). Pure altruism consists of sacrificing something for someone other than the self (e.g. sacrificing time, energy or possessions) with no expectation of any compensation or benefits, either direct, or indirect (for instance from recognition of the giving).”

But unfortunately, such is not the case here. All are being forced to follow blindly. All are being forced to give up their earnings to buy shoes, cake and now, tokens. All must render man hours just because the company embarked on an ambitious undertaking of a one time 16 outreach projects of 16 global sites totalling 15,000 employee volunteer hours.

There are a lot of things wrong with this picture. For one thing, man hours does not mean monetary contribution. In the real world, you either give your time or money if you cannot afford to give both. Also if it is the company’s undertaking, the company shoulders the expenses and just asks their employees to sign up. A big company like this one should have taken care of everything and just ask people to sign up. Yet it passes off the bulk of the expenses, planning and resources to us, meagerly paid employees.

In the advocacy campaign, the company asks that employees share their blessings. How weird is that when there are no blessings to be shared. I have been here six years and I have yet to get an increase. I do not know about the VPs. I heard belts are being tightened thus no toilet paper after 8PM. Maybe to make their share of the pie bigger. At present we have more VPs decked than we care to count and yet it is the employees in the lower rung of the ladder who get milked.

Do not get me wrong. I have nothing against volunteerism nor sharing. I took part in the Gawad Kalinga activity latter part of last year. I would gladly take part in another, GK or even Habitat for Humanity. I even want to join the One Wall, One World of Knoxout because I believe in their cause of a better, cleaner world. But this one simply rubs me the wrong way. Apart from raffle stubs, the managers’ share for the food, we were told there’d be a P200 contribution for the token (an amount I’d consider as highway robbery!) What a totally dumb and useless idea…when we teach a pubescent boy how to wash his hands why give him a reminder that he learned how to use soap and water very late in his life?

Honestly I applaud the undertaking but they could have planned this better. Sadly, I feel that after March 10, this supposed corporate social responsibility thing in Marikina would die a natural death because it is ill financed and ill managed.


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