We all can help make the air cleaner.

If you pass by EDSA, you would have noticed the wall art of pipes running the gamut of Cubao underpass. There is also an abstract art  adorning the pillars of MRT fronting the EDSA Shrine. This may seem like a beautification project or an ad for Boysen, but in reality it is a means to lessen, if not eliminate air pollutants in a densely populated area.

According to the One Wall One World website (http://www.onewalloneworld.com/faq.php) the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 3 million people are killed worldwide by outdoor air pollution every year. In a study by the European Commission,   life expectancy of an EU citizen is reduced by almost nine months by air pollutants. Here in the Philippines , 1 of every 8 premature deaths is caused by air pollution.

The technology present in the Boysen KnoxOut help in breaking down NOx (highly reactive gases containing nitrogen and oxygen).  The ingredient in the paint, photocatalytic titanium dioxide, transforms ordinary water vapor to free radicals once it gets exposed to the sun. This then breaks down the two components of smog – NOx and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

If we want to breathe cleaner air, we can do our part by volunteering a wall, volunteering our time or just donating a paint. I hope to be able to pledge not only a wall but my time very, very soon – the place, well where else but the  Mindanao Avenue underpass. 🙂


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