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It was our second time to meet up and we wanted to try a different place where we can stay until desserts. So over a few exchanges of text messages, we finally agreed to meet up at Amici 3rd floor of  SM Megamall Atrium. Luck was on our side that Friday night, there were no lines and we got a seat right smack in the middle so service was fast and efficient.

We decided to order three different pasta and one pizza: two were cream based while the other one was olive oil based. The food we ordered were all delicious, we sampled each of our orders and there was no item we found fault in. The cream based had just the right seasoning, nothing that overpowered the cream nor was it diluted that the carbonara or ravioli would just look like a tasteless sludge Also even if these meals were good for one, it can be shared by three since the cream based ones become heavy after three or so spoonfuls.

Spaghetti Alla Carbonara Pasta – Spaghetti pasta tossed in creamy white sauce with Parmesan cheese and bacon bits. Yes, there is bacon bits but I really did not get to taste bacon here still it does not lessen nor take away from how wonderfully dressed with cream the noodles were.

Spaghetti Ai Tesori del Mare – A mildly spicy feast of spaghetti tossed in fresh tomatoes, scallops, clams, mussels and chili oil. I am not a fan of seafoods but this dish do not have the fishy taste nor smell. Note the mildly spicy here, hardly any zing I promise if you are wary of anything spicy.  Really light compared to the cream based yet very delectable still. Must try even for those who are not into seafoods like me. 😀

Ravioli di Spinaci Pasta – Spinach and mushroom filled ravioli served in creamy, truffle oil flavored sauce. Not also a spinach fan even though when I was a kid I thought I can be like Popeye and just munch thru some spinach and be strong. Blech taste was all I can remember but this dish made me rethink my dislike for spinach. Really nice mix, I found myself having two servings of ravioli since it did not attack my otherwise picky taste buds.

Al Quattro Formaggi – Parmesan, Mozarella, cream cheese, and blue cheese. Okay, okay as if we do not have enough filling cream based we had a pizza topped with four types of cheese. We had our fill and despite our already growing bellies, we managed to down more than a slice each.

And since we were already having a good time, we stayed way until dessert. Like the meals we had, we also decided to get three different types.

Choco Sans Rival – Their famous sans rival flavored gelato mixed with chocolate and layered in meringue wafers and topped with chocolate ganache. I am not into the technical food term stuffs, but chocolates are there for a reason and this one takes the cake. It was not too sweet yet very chocolaty. We made sure nothing remains on the bowl as even the toppings were relished with gusto.

Choco Tartufo  – Chocolate and vanilla gelato mixed with bits of nuts and cherries in a shell of rich, moist chocolate cake topped with ganache. Another not too sweet mix and this does not take away from how pleasurable the mix was in my mouth.

Peach Walnut Passion – a very light ending to my otherwise very cream based heavy meal. The chiffon was so airy and beautifully paired with walnut and peach that the cake in itself was a totally great finish to cap off the evening.

I would eat in Amici again, the price may be exorbitant especially since there was just three of us and we managed a total bill of P1600+ still I would not have second thoughts in paying that much for a wonderfully prepared meal anytime.


Sadly despite the number of volunteers, the Pasig site was ill prepared. Imagine the ones who were supposed to teach the kids puppet designs cannot even take control of the pre-pubescent boys as fights would ensue and there were nonstop throwing of things.

The ones assigned  in the nursery also did not fare well. The ates and kuyas looked hapless as the gaggle of kids ignored their attempt in making them listen. It took the house parent’s intervention to create a semblance of order but it was enough to show that this event was a colossal flop.

It felt more about getting the volunteer man hours than actually making a difference in these kids’ lives. We could have been better off doing an outreach program like the KnoxOut One Wall One World thing or Gawad Kalinga, Habitat or Brigada Eskwela than pretend that we care for these kids.

During the planning stage with our then boss, I suggested that we plan something that we can sustain without sacrificing the budget for operations each time. Since I had been part of an organization that solely capitalizes on volunteering I gave my two cents worth that embarking on an ambitious project might prove to be too much. Sustainable CSR projects eat a lot of resources and I do not think we can do that at the moment as we have zilch. We need major planning and a really big budget to help us start. I was chastised for being negative, that my objections were misplaced. I did not say anything afterwards, nothing I say will matter anyway.

So right after that big hubub about the 10th of March, nothing can be heard of the CSR project. No one knew if we even managed to get near the 15,000 volunteer man hours. Save for those who uploaded their photos on FB, no one came out with any news release. Sadly, like I predicted the CSR project just died a natural death…