No 2013 Resolution to make…

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Services Review

Funny to read this from my FB horoscope…

“It’s traditional, on New Year’s Day, to make a list of resolutions, or promises that you intend to keep during the coming year, Taurus. You may want to center your list of resolutions on being more social this year. This is not about randomly inviting yourself into someone else’s life at every opportunity, it’s about getting involved in special events and finding your niche, as well as helping others find theirs. You could make an excellent coordinator, and you should start thinking about organizing an event as soon as today.”

I am not sociable. I am so unfriendly that the word “socialize” is alien to me. Anyway if the surprising greeting from a handsome stranger was any proof, it can only mean I am not hopeless at all. I realized then that I have the ability to say hi back without feeling affronted. 🙂

So this 2013, I will not make any resolutions. Nothing of the sort since I have a tendency not to do them anyway. Like lose weight, I think I have made that resolution so many times I lost count. 

So what I will do is keep the good, lessen the instances of the bad. Travelling should still be in one of the good, along with learning and laughing. Lessen procrastination and mood swings so I can move ahead. Little steps which I plan to take a day at a time. A step forward to more good ones.

2012 was definitely a year that proved to be very meaningful and eventful. I weeded out a lot of baggage from my life. I translated this to a major house clean up which I kept putting off for a long time. Both the physical and mental cleansing helped in creating the life I have now. A friend told me, it is just a matter of changing my perspective and am sure with that change, life will only become better from here on in.

Happy 2013 to all.


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