PLDT’s lousy customer service

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Services Review
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Our ordeal began last August 3 when we reported that our bundled phone/dsl has no internet connection but we have an active line. Rep said they will send someone. No one came to fix or even check what was wrong, it took more than a month before an actual tech came and found out it was just the splitter. We paid the amount given us after reassuring us it was just the amount we needed to pay. A week after we paid, our DSL got cut again and it took them a week to reconnect. Below is the timeline for all the follow ups and inconvenience caused by PLDT:
Aug 9 we had a follow up on the tech because we still had no internet but line was active.
Aug 15 another follow up since no one showed up and the problem remained unresolved.
Sept 3 they claimed it got repaired, line test call.
Sept 5 same problem no internet but has a line, again they said they sent someone.
Sept 7, 13, I followed up as problem persists, they called back to test the line. Again line was good but not the internet.
Sept 18 and 20 I did another follow up.
Sept 20 rep called me back to ask if things were working already, told no one came to check
Sept 25 I followed up again
Oct 3 finally someone came to repair the defective splitter
Oct 4 I was advised to call Billing for an adjustment
Oct 10 they made a request for nonservice of telephone 2 mos
Nov 6  I called to ask what happened, they said I was claiming there was something wrong. Again I said I was not claiming anything, I had no internet and that no one came to check it first time I called it in.
Nov 12 I called Billing again to fu rebate since they said it should have been posted on the second billing cycle.
Nov 12 Cecel Bastareche, sup, called me back about the supposed adjustment
Nov 12 She sent an email and followed up on the retrieval
Nov 21 I called again and was advised by rep Eric Young that I only needed to pay P98. I verified three times and he said I need only pay that amount. I asked if this might cause problems later on, he said no. I looked for a sup, he put me on hold four times and when he came back, he reassured me there will be no problems and that my bill was already adjusted.
Nov. 22 my online payment on Nov 21 got posted.
Nov 27 No one called but apparently the only approved adjustment was just 545.06
Dec 4 Our DSL got cut due to nonpayment. I called Billing again to complain on the disconnection. I asked for a sup, no one took my call. Got only a rep, Erwin Perez who said it did show we paid the amount of P98 and that night they would reconnect the internet.
Dec 4 Perez called me back, said there was nothing they can do. I need to pay the amount of P2000++ since that was the amount billed. Turns out this was a combination of November and December cycle, their “system” noticed the discrepancy and thus our internet got cut. He told me if you do not accept the offer, please pay full amount. WTF? I of course do not accept the offer and I refuse to pay the full amount. Main thing was we paid the amount we were told to pay. This was not an issue of nonpayment but an error on their part. Perez said to monitor as he’d expedite the reconnection.
Dec 5 I asked for sup and got Bastareche about adjustment, she said P238.19 needs to be settled. She added that she listened to the recording of Young and he did say we only need to pay P98. She then gave me the spiel that they have no hand in the system. They only take care of the billing part and that the P98 was not yet an approved amount. She called me back at 8PM when all pay centers were already closed. She assured me I need only to call in the morning to have our line connected. I asked her why we are being penalized for something they did wrong, she just went on and on about process and shits like that. She said nothing they can do. They are limited and cannot do outgoing calls. Yet she called me back, how ironic is that? She gave me the name of Myka Bulante, her fellow sup to ask for a reconnection. I went to work afterwards and paid online a little after midnight.
Dec 6  I looked for Bulante who was not there and got to talk to Navarro another rep. He said they cannot do anything but expedite request for reconnection within 24-48 hours. I got pissed as the 24-48 hours is their normal turn around time. I got another sup, Luise Bagas who said it was not their fault. I did not pay the full amount billed me. I asked why no one called when the payment was posted the day after that I still needed to pay P238.19? She said they cannot do outgoing calls. I pointed out Perez and Bastareche called me back. She again repeated the same spiel that they follow a process and they cannot reconnect because it is the system that does that. I said it was easy for you to cut my line but too slow in reconnecting my DSL back. She was also rude and her voice was raised.
Dec 7 My brother, Ralph called, they said no payment was posted. No DSL still.
A week was wasted because of this. A week’s worth of work and assignment lost that I had crammed into the following week. A senseless run around. If anyone went through what we did, tell me if you wont be pissed off as well with the lousy process and customer service they have for subscribers…
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