Whoever said or even thought that the movie Pitch Perfect is Glee on the big screen, better think again. The movie is much more than just the usual schtick of underdogs winning the title. It is also a far cry from Glee just because the writer give each one of the characters an actual persona and their own limelight (yes Ryan Murphy there is an actual scriptwriting involved, one that entails knowing your characters and how they should evolve).

Pitch Perfect is about this girl, Beca (Anna Kendrick), who’d rather listen to what’s coming out of her headphones than what’s coming out of you. Arriving at her new college, she finds herself not right for any clique but somehow is muscled into one that she never would have picked on her own: alongside mean girls, sweet girls and weird girls whose only thing in common is how good they sound when they sing together.

My favorite is Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) just because she has the best lines and she delivers them with such finesse that you’d end up in tears laughing so hard. Next are the two hosts of the The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory, John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks), who can be considered as the oddest but hilariously inappropriate commentators ever.

The other cast members are equally funny and entertaining because the writer Kay Cannon (an Emmy-nominated writer and producer on NBC’s award-winning show 30 Rock and co-executive producer and writer on FOX’s New Girl) made sure they stood out as well with their own weird traits: Anna Camp  as Aubrey, a stubborn traditionalist who masks her anxiety with bitchiness; Brittany Snow as Chloe, the eager-to please morale booster of The Bellas; Alexis Knapp  as Stacie, the oversexed musical dynamo; singer Ester Dean as Cynthia Rose, the tomboy who proves herself as a vocal force to be reckoned with; and Hana Mae Lee as Lilly, who is as meek as a mouse but eager to break out and freestyle her riffs.

So do not miss out, watch Pitch Perfect and believe.

Ref: http://www.pitchperfectmovie.com/pdf/production_notes.pdf
  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review. I was actually dreading watching Pitch Perfect, but I ended up having some fun with it due to it’s strong cast, entertaining performances, and smart dialog.

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